Seed & Soil

"Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden."
~ Robert Brault

I wanted a place to link all of our garden-related posts.  This has been our project lately.  Our "Happy Foods" garden.  It is not large, it may not even be that impressive to most, but to us, it is magical.  I find it therapeutic to go outside and play in the dirt.  To watch vegetables grow from the tiny seeds we planted in the early spring is amazing.  To watch two little girlies play with worms and help in any way I let them is awesome.  For me and my girls, it is a labor of love and a place to make fun memories.  We are slowly turning our little backyard into our "half-acre home on the range."  {A special shout out to the hubby/daddy who is our construction expert and helps us along with all of these projects!}  Stay tuned... :)

Our Garden & Chicken Posts:

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  1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for the likes back at instagram! I'm glad I found your blog! I also do gardening, but not now, I currently live at an apartment. :( I will have to come visit your blog and see all about your chickens. I have been wanting to have chickens, but I haven't done it here in the US and I miss when I ate fresh eggs back in Mexico.