Projects & Paint

Project 1: Our Chalkboard Pocket Door
Probably one of the most used and loved projects we've taken on since we moved into this little house is turning an old brown pocket door into a chalkboard.  But because I'm super impatient when I have an idea in my head, I very rarely take "before" photos...and I very, very rarely let little details slow me sanding and priming ;)  So here is our door after a few coats of Valspar Chalkboard Paint from Lowe's:

It's fun to have guests sign it...and of course, it provides lots of enjoyment for the girlies! Yes, we are huge fans of chalkboards...and oversized backpacks ;)

Project 2: A Thrift Store School Desk gets a Makeover :)

Visit this post to see the results of a little love, a lot of spray paint, and some colorful paper!

Project 3:  A Happy Pallet Sign

I used an old pallet we had to make a happy sign.  Visit this post to see the result:

Project 4:  A Chalkboard Wall

Visit this post to see a bare basement wall makeover:

Project 5:  A Fall Craft

My girlies got to play in the paint and enjoy a crisp fall afternoon for this craft:

Project 6:  A Couple of Fun Makeovers

The girls and I took two old pieces of furniture and transformed them into bright, colorful additions to our porch! 

Project 7:  A DIY Twig Garden Sign

We used a piece of leftover pallet wood and twigs from our yard to create a bright and fun sign for our little garden.

Project 8:  An Old Glider Made New Again

We brought home a glider that belonged to my grandparents and gave it a little TLC and some teal paint ;)

Project 9:  Sweet & Simple 

A day with my mom started with a couple of surprise gifts and ended with a couple of happy projects!

Project 10: Rain Barrel Art

The girls and I purchased a rain barrel from a local organization and added our own colorful touches.  

Project 11:  Egg Carton Crafting

Now that our favorite feathered friends are laying beautiful eggs, we have the pleasure of delivering dozens of pretty, happy eggs that we decorate with love.


  1. Such great projects! I love the sunshine painting!

  2. LOVE the projects!!! I'm a big project-doer (ok, I probably need to rephrase that to project-planner and sometimes-doer). We just did a big chalkboard wall (I posted it this week) in our kitchen, because we have an 1896 house and they don't carry wainscoting from 1896 at Lowe's.... and we didn't have enough after rearranging the kitchen... so we opted for a chalkboard wall that goes down into the space the wainscoting would need to fill - problem solved + super-fun place for art!

    I love your painting projects - it's so inspiring to see what you're making! Painting and prettifying is one of my most fave things to do. I'm so glad I found your blog from Simply Beth!!!! I subscribed to email updates, so I don't miss any of the fabulousness.