Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Summer Reflections in the Midst of Fall

You know when summer vacation is on the horizon, all you can see is beautiful time and your accumulation of amazing plans and projects laid out before you in their shiny, pinterest-worthy glory...then the months unfold {Instagram takes over your blog} and before you know it, you're losing daylight, adding layers, and wondering where summer has gone.  

I told someone the other day that all I really wanted to do was homeschool my children and grow things.  Summer vacation is my respite.  I am always entirely disappointed by how quickly it goes...

~ I'm pretty sure we nailed our Fourth of July picture ;) ~

Little hands picked all the flowers in all the places...if the delicate flowers were lucky enough, they were delivered with bright smiles as gifts to mommy and made it into water for a few days.  

We added to our backyard flock {chicken math}. 
A Welsummer, a Blue Favaucana, and two of the cutest Blue Copper Marans : Peanut Ice Cream, Maleficent, Regina, and Miss Grace.  

Hoping to add more colors to this beautiful basket.

And share more eggs with friends and's one of our favorite things ♥

We were so consumed with our chickens and our garden...we hardly did any crafts.  Compared to the summer before, it was a little disappointing.  We had to rescue the paint from the depths of the closet, dust off the tops, mix a few colors.  The girls often collected chicken feathers whenever they found them, so we decided it would be fun to paint them.  A cute little craft with feathers from our own chickens.
It sounded like a good idea...
Until I hear, "You want to put so much paint on it that it almost won't dry!"

Then we get distracted by all the pretty colors...
We are easily distracted by lots of things.

I was so proud of our little garden.  We planted all kinds of tomato seeds...which is crazy because the girls and I don't even eat tomatoes.  But our guy does.  I told him that I just want to grow all the things and let someone else cook with them.  Give me some dirt and sunshine.  You can have the kitchen.

The backyard farmyard crew also enjoyed the summer harvests.

and clovers.

These two found all the dirt.  The fluffy girl on the right had her own methods of staying cool.  She preferred mud baths to bubble baths, and just look at that youthful skin.

Runner beans running.  Green garden growing.  Little love looking.  Savoring sweet summertime.

{These were just a few of my many favorite moments.} 
We hope you had a blessed and beautiful summer!
We're off to greet falling leaves and s'mores weather...

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  1. Just catching up on some blog reading ;) I love how your little homestead has grown and I have truly enjoyed watching all your daily happenings on IG. I hope one day my little homestead is a bountiful (and adorable) as yours!