Monday, June 16, 2014

We've Been a Little Busy...

{Hey bloggity blog. It's been a long time. I think of you often. We've been a little busy with chickens, a garden, a understand.}

I miss this little space of mine when I'm away. I write posts in my head, but actually getting back here to type them takes a little more effort. Since temperatures began warming up, we've been outside digging in soil, transplanting seedlings, planting seeds, keeping a watchful eye over free ranging chickens, spoiling a pig, breathing fresh air, basking in spring know, the good stuff.
Dirty hands, happy hearts.

I carry my cell phone in my back pocket as we go about our adventures, so I always have a camera. I take pictures of our journey, snapshots of our every day. I continue to seek joy, capture the beauty, dwell on the meaningful. In a way, I think of these photos and thoughts as love notes to my children and thank you's to God. 

Here are a few of my favorites since our last post:

{a favorite pair of rain boots the girls both outgrew found a new home in the garden ♥}

{collecting eggs is still one of the best parts of the day}

{fresh eggs in the kitchen ~ this never gets old}

 {as crafty as I get these days}

{this little chicklet is one of the easiest for her to catch, so it shows up in all the pictures}

{when we bought this little plot of land, there were several apple and peach trees already growing, and we're trying to learn how to take better care of them ~ a little pruning going on with some pretty fabulous help}

{the girlies planting their own seeds}

{runner beans ~ seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ~ I'm going to be honest here. I may plant beans just to watch them sprout. they're so fun}

{that evening sun pouring through the trees is the best...and so are those two little gardening cuties}

{my pretty ladies patrol the edge of the garden daily...I like to think they're preventing lots of veggie munchers from entering. I have also watched them (with a mixture of disgust and awe) catch and eat two small snakes and a lizard...y u m m y}

{I love to see the garden springing to life...little seeds and plants that we started together growing happily}

{you see. we are outside all. the. time. and we like it that way}

{same chick, different day...and Annabelle the Polka Dot Pig helping herself to chick feed leftovers. I adore my backyard farmyard crew}

{run beans, run}

{my adorable assistants handpicking caterpillars for the chickens...kind of grosses me out, but they're having a blast}

{my oldest had been begging for weeks to dig up the garlic that we planted back in the fall, so I finally let her. she was the happiest girl, and all was right in the world}

{I'm totally going to learn how to braid these...YouTube here I come}

{we planted these blueberry bushes last fall. it's so exciting to see the new growth and the first "blue" berries! I'm just having a hard time keeping a certain four year old from picking and eating them all as soon as she finds them...but I'm not naming names}

{I have a new love for roses...they're one of the only flowers that Annabelle the Polka Dot Pig will leave in the ground}

{our "Half-Acre Home on the Range" has come such a long way since the bare backyard that it was last year...I'm so thankful for all of the time we share and memories we make here. and because one should never stop believing (that's what the song says), I have dreams for a small greenhouse, more garden areas...maybe a goat ;) forget shoes and jewelry, this girl just wants a garden and a farmyard. do you feel me? can I get a high five?}

{we don't completely neglect the front of the house. we fill pretty pots with colorful flowers and put old stumps to good use}

{and last, but definitely not least, I found a basket and flowers for my favorite bike, swoon}

It's almost officially summertime! Looking forward to lazy (not really), hazy, probably a little crazy days with all my favorites. 

"And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us,
And establish the work of our hands for us;
Yes, establish the work of our hands." ~ Psalm 90:17

Hope you have a blessed, beautiful, and bright sunshiny day!

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