Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sweet, Simple Saturday

"Oh that rugged cross 
My salvation 
Where Your love poured out over me 
Now my soul cries out 
Praise and honour unto Thee

Sent of heaven God's own Son 
To purchase and redeem 
And reconcile the very ones 
Who nailed Him to that tree 

Now my debt is paid 
It is paid in full 
By the precious blood 
That my Jesus spilled 

Now the curse of sin 
Has no hold on me 
Whom the Son sets free 
Oh is free indeed" 

 {from Hillsong Man of Sorrows}

Have a blessed and beautiful day ♥

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday

Scripture and Snapshot

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Preparing for Spring ~ Making Seed Starters

We've had a crazy number of snow days lately.  
This mommy is not complaining.  I emphatically treasure days home with my girls.  We will worry about makeup days later ;)

I am, however, growing quite tired of winter and am yearning for spring.  I took advantage of extra time at home to start prepping for seed starting.  I have been collecting toilet paper rolls all winter.  Totally normal, right.  

I start by pouring myself a nice, hot cup of coffee cutting each roll in half.

Then, flatten the roll.  Open and flatten the opposite way.

When opened, the tube will now be boxy.

Cut along the four creases, about a half inch/inch up.  I'm not exactly precise with things like this...

Fold in the four individual flaps like the bottom of a box.

Just like that.  A neat little seed starter.

I think they're adorable all tucked in their tray and waiting happily for some dirt and seeds.
Now, we're almost ready for spring...

Happy planting!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Drink the Wild Air

"Live in the Sunshine...Drink the Wild Air." 
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

These precious, priceless moments.  
These sisters and friends.
They live in the sunshine.
They drink the wild, fresh air.
  I love to watch them play, laugh, and giggle.
I pray that they will always be so close.  

They make me feel young again.
They give me reasons to play.
They share their adventures.
They are my sunshine.
They are innocence, beauty, and unconditional love.
They help me see the beauty in each day.

They are blessings for which I could never be thankful enough.
My littlest loves ♥

Sadie Sky Boutique

Friday Photo Journal

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pretty, Happy Eggs ~ Carton Crafting

The girlies and I used to do all sorts of crafty things.  Then we got a garden and chickens and a pig...and winter came.  The most crafting we've done lately is decorating egg cartons for the dozens of fresh, backyard eggs we get to give away to others.  We may go a tad overboard, but that's totally ok.  Those pretty little packages make us happy and bring smiles, so it's worth it.  I wanted to dedicate a post to our egg carton crafting, so if you've seen some of these pictures before, we hope you enjoy them again :)

Our beautiful flock...all grown up.

Collecting eggs is such a fun gift.  Each and every day.

These are my artists at work.  Our dining room table gets all the action.  This is where we eat, talk, do homework, craft...

Because every backyard farmyard needs a name...and a tag.  {Our cozy little home sits in the middle of a half-acre plot of land surrounded by trees and farmland.  I love that.  We are tucked away.  Our house may be small, but we sure live in every inch of our space...especially outdoors.  I lovingly call our place the "Half-Acre Home on the Range" and made labels to match.} I found the background template at Shabby Blogs.  I love all of her stuff.  

My big girl creates the name tags.  It's her thing.  And I think her six year old handwriting is perfection.  Also, if you're looking close enough, you can see her precious hand-drawn chickens on some of them.  I sure do adore her...a lot.

I've been trying to teach myself to crochet for what feels like my entire life two months. I finally figured out these adorable hearts...AFTER Valentine's day, of course.  I decided to attach a couple to a few dozen eggs for my baby brother and sister ♥

These are eggs that we carefully collect together from beautiful chickens we raised in our home as chicks.  We decorate and deliver these pretty, happy packages together. It all comes down to creating happiness, sharing joy, capturing smiles, and sharing these moments as a family.  And I just love that.

Have a blessed and beautiful day!

From The Farm Blog Hop