Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hello Sunshine

"Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, 
embark upon a sentimental journey, 
and enjoy every idle hour." ~ John Boswell

Remember that last post when I mentioned I was done with snow...

It seems I typed too soon.  

Several inches of that messy beautiful white stuff kept us home for a couple of days.  Sleeping in with my loves, unlimited coffee, days at home...I'm not complaining.  It snowed for what seemed like forever.  Finally, it stopped and the loveliness slowly started to melt away...and our yard turned to mush.

Which, to a certain three year old, is perfection.

And then...the sun returned.  It was beautiful and bright and warm.  That's the kind of weather that makes us girls happy.

My big girl had been asking to is one of our favorite things.  Since the weather was so nice, we carried all of our supplies outside and two little girlies painted to their hearts' desire in that beautiful sunshine.  When we paint, nothing is off limits...apparently.

Walking on dirt roads is another favorite thing.  This is the road I grew up on...the road where my parents live.  Now my girls play on this road.  I adore the country ♥

I also adore pretty little braids on my teeny tiny girl.  

Isn't it amazing how something as simple as collecting eggs from the backyard can be so special.  I love our evenings together.  The sun setting through the trees, the animals free ranging and exploring, lovely little moments with my favorites...

I can get frustrated with the daily grind, depressed by the daily news...but I try to remind myself to focus on the good, to find the beauty, to dwell on the meaningful because each and every moment is a gift.  Life itself is a miracle.  I thank God daily for His mercy, His faithfulness, His showers of blessings.  Despite all that's wrong in the world, there is still hope and light and so much for which to be thankful ♥  

We hope you had a blessed and beautiful week!

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous and the ones with the pig and the painting are my favorites! Thank you for sharing such wonderful moments.

  2. Hello friend! Loved the picture of your girl in braids and always love the picture you end with. Love them ALL but naming a few of my faves. Coming here always makes me smile and that was needed today. It's been so nice to connect with you some behind our blogs. :))) xoxoxo

  3. Found you on The Little Things link up... Yes! The pig! So awesome. You girls look like y'all know how to enjoy life :)

  4. You are so lucky to be enjoying nice weather already! We are still stuck in the freezing temps. I will not be sad to say goodbye to winter. :) Beautiful photos. You captured the light beautifully as well as your lovely little girls.

  5. Amen! Beautiful photos...I love how well they capture your days together. Dirt road walks are our favorite, too...sometimes we walk, sometimes we take the stroller and other times we take the wagon...and some days, we do all 3!

  6. Finding beauty in the everyday, oh yes! I do love this post. Thank you for linking at Life Through the Lens, every time you remind me to find the beauty in today!

  7. Looking forward to when the sunshine and warmth return up here too! Evenings outside sound divine right about now :)