Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We Saw a Snowflake

We don't see a lot of snow here where we call home, so when the forecast calls for it, we watch the skies and do snow dances, and I'm pretty sure there is some praying by pleading kids.  And when it finally, finally arrives, no matter how fleeting, we enjoy it. Tremendously.  

Our backyard farmyard babies were born in the summer, so this was their first snow.  By all observations, they were most certainly not impressed.  My girls were ecstatic.  My chickens and piggy...not so much.

Annabelle the Polka Dot Pig reluctantly ventured out into the cold, white stuff for a few peanut butter treats and was ready to return to her house and her cozy straw.  

"I do not want to build a snowman. A mudman, perhaps, but not a snowman."  

I was so happy it snowed for the girls. I think it's lovely, but honestly, their excitement is the best. I'm also thankful for the extra time at home with them. It's my favorite. 

Have you seen the Disney movie Frozen? It's a beautiful little story about two sisters, and I think that's why I loved it so much.  These days, I have my own Anna and Elsa ♥ Except sometimes they both want to be Elsa. So, the munchkin pretends to be Baby Elsa while the big girl is grownup Elsa. Every day is an adventure.

And our time in the snow was not complete without a few spontaneous tunes from the movie, naturally.

Then we came inside, and they begged for Icee pops. 
Not even kidding.

I don't care how old you get, snow days are so much long as you get to stay home and enjoy them ;)  
We hope you're having a blessed and beautiful week! 

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  1. You should be here in New England ~ We just got 12 inches of snow ~ Great fun photos ~ adorable children and love the pig ~
    carol, xxx

    1. Hi Carol! :) 12 inches!!! I can't even imagine...we get so excited over a few flurries ;) Thanks so much for stopping by!! Stay safe and warm!

  2. Beautiful photos! Our chickens are the same as yours! Come share at the From the Farm Blog Hop!

    Fresh Eggs Daily

    1. Hi Lisa!! Thank you so much!! I love following your adventures on Instagram, those ducks are the best! :) I saw where your chickens weren't really excited about the snow either ;) They are so fun! ~ I added my post to the Blog Hop! Have a wonderful day!!

  3. What fun! We don't get much snow here, either. We usually get one dusting every year and my girls excitedly run through it and play.

  4. I will try to send some of our snow your way, haha! I seriously adore all of your photos, especially of the ones of the girls throwing snow up into the sun: so pretty!

  5. Just precious! What a joy those two little girls must be! Really enjoyed seeing your story over at Mavis' blog :) Blessing to you all, xoxo, Andrea

  6. More than a little jealous you have snow... but then again, this brings such a smile to my face it feels like I got snow too :-)

  7. Oh my, it has been too long since I stopped in. Just gorgeous...every single one. You bring big smiles to my face.