Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's the Beautiful Little Things ♥

 We've been having extremely cold weather and even a little snow.    
But we still make sure to enjoy each and every day.  
We throw on a few more layers and head out.  
To capture the beauty in each day.
To seek the meaningful in the mundane.
To find the extraordinary in the ordinary.
To appreciate the little things...
It's my theme, it's how we roll.

Most of our favorite little things live in the backyard...

And are such a delight.

They seem to enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs.

There is nothing quite like bringing in fresh eggs from your own backyard...

Or sharing a preschool project with your chickens...

Or playing in the mud with your pet pig...

 Or enjoying snow days with your favorite chickens...

And your favorite sister.

We hope you and your family are having a blessed day and taking time to enjoy the simple, little, precious things...because they make life so much more interesting and beautiful.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Joy & A Much-Needed Conversation

Joy is my word for the year.  I’m trying to find the joy and seek the good in all my days.  When I sit down to write and share a post, I want it to be positive, encouraging, and uplifting.  There’s a reason I try to capture the beauty of our days.  Not just out of respect for my favorite little people who might one day read these reflections, but because I know that these days of childhood are fleeting.  The good times we want to hold on to forever, and the tough times, they too shall pass.  

It’s the silly words, the funny faces, the heart-melting moments, the good times that I want to remember most.

I feel that God has blessed me beyond words and given me an incredible opportunity to raise these people.  It is the most important and meaningful job I have.  I had a conversation with the best friend recently that got me to thinking...we parents sometimes need to know that we’re not alone.  We sometimes need a little more encouragement and support.  Because if we’re being honest, the day-to-day adventures of parenthood can be tough.  Granted, they can be funny, beautiful, unforgettable, and heart-warming, but they are not easy.  Our words, our actions, our reactions...we are always on the spot and on the go. We get tired and frustrated and misunderstood.  We’re not Pinterest perfect.  {Well, I’m not anyway. true story.}  No.  We’re real life.  We’re loads and loads of laundry piled up real.  We’re sinks full of dishes, countertops full of bills, and floors full of toys real. We’re kids don’t always sleep through the night, so some days we feel like the walking dead real.  

We are blessed with amazing little people who adore us, need us, and challenge us all at the same time.   

We love our families fiercely, but sometimes we just need a little time to ourselves.  We need to be alone.  Like lock ourselves in the bathroom for five minutes alone.  Get in the car and take a drive down the road alone.  Sit down and enjoy an entire cup of coffee before it gets cold alone.  Get lost in a few pages of a good book alone.    

And then we’re good.  We love our babies, we cherish our families, that’s not even a question.  We just need time to renew ourselves, which helps us to be better for our people. And we need to know that we’re not alone.  

So if you’re a mommy who’s maybe having a rough day, my bestie and I just want you to know that you are most certainly not alone, and we understand.  God has given us an awesome responsibility, and He will see us through.  Take a few deep breaths, focus on the good, think of the cutest thing your child has done...find your joy. 

“I always wanted to be a hero - 
to sacrifice my life in a big way one time - 
and yet, God has required my sacrifice to be thousands of days, over many years, 
with one more kiss, one more story, one more meal.” 
~ Sally Clarkson

  We wish you a blessed and beautiful day!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We Saw a Snowflake

We don't see a lot of snow here where we call home, so when the forecast calls for it, we watch the skies and do snow dances, and I'm pretty sure there is some praying by pleading kids.  And when it finally, finally arrives, no matter how fleeting, we enjoy it. Tremendously.  

Our backyard farmyard babies were born in the summer, so this was their first snow.  By all observations, they were most certainly not impressed.  My girls were ecstatic.  My chickens and piggy...not so much.

Annabelle the Polka Dot Pig reluctantly ventured out into the cold, white stuff for a few peanut butter treats and was ready to return to her house and her cozy straw.  

"I do not want to build a snowman. A mudman, perhaps, but not a snowman."  

I was so happy it snowed for the girls. I think it's lovely, but honestly, their excitement is the best. I'm also thankful for the extra time at home with them. It's my favorite. 

Have you seen the Disney movie Frozen? It's a beautiful little story about two sisters, and I think that's why I loved it so much.  These days, I have my own Anna and Elsa ♥ Except sometimes they both want to be Elsa. So, the munchkin pretends to be Baby Elsa while the big girl is grownup Elsa. Every day is an adventure.

And our time in the snow was not complete without a few spontaneous tunes from the movie, naturally.

Then we came inside, and they begged for Icee pops. 
Not even kidding.

I don't care how old you get, snow days are so much long as you get to stay home and enjoy them ;)  
We hope you're having a blessed and beautiful week! 

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Insta-Friday: Midst of Winter

A random collection of grainy goodnesses captured through my cell phone along with the stories behind them.  That seems to be the theme of this bloggity blog of mine.  

It has been freezing and raining and muddy and yucky.  Then there was some polar vortex/hurricane thing.  All I know is, this girl is ready for spring.  I mentioned to my guy that I was ready to move somewhere further south.  I needed more warmth in my life.  He casually mentioned, "You know the bugs get bigger the further south you go."
After some thought, I decided to stay.

Needless to say, we spend more time indoors these days.

Like, a lot more time.

But I ordered my first batch of seeds...all kinds of happy packets arrived in the mail! 
 I just can't wait to play in the dirt.

Speaking of dirt...
Have you ever had a pig?  I highly recommend one :)  I adore this little piggy with all my heart.  I have two little girlies who are pretty fond of her, too.  

Despite the temps and the mud, my girls wrap up and join me outside from time to time to love on our backyard farmyard babies.

Our sweet Annabelle the Polka Dot Pig ♥

Fill your pockets with peanut butter treats, and she's your friend for life.  At least until your pockets are empty...

Then there are eggs to collect.  It's so exciting to find fresh eggs. 

The big girl usually beats anyone else to the coop and gathers our one little egg of the day.  (Our chickens are just starting to lay.)  Then she begs to eat it.  

The munchkin finally got her egg, though.  And it was all hers to eat ;)

Yep, that's a chicken egg.

Yep, you can have it!

I'm not exactly sure which of my fluffy ladies are laying yet, but I actually saw this one scratching around in the nest box one day.  Sophie the Australorp.  She is one of the sweetest birds we have.  

This is the other sweet one.  Diamond the Barred Rock.  The little girlie in pink can be pretty sweet, too...just depends on the day.

Chickens are so funny.  They are always taking strolls over to see their neighbor.  I think they like the little pig, too.  

Bella the Mouse Hunter just kind of watches everything from a distance.  She's still not sure of the chickens or the pig.  

Once we can no longer feel our noses or cheeks or fingers, we decide to head back inside to play with my little ponies, get a little crafty, and drink something warm.  

And when I say get a little crafty, I mean try to teach myself to crochet by watching a gazillion YouTube videos and reading my grandmother's book...I am the worst. student. ever.  I am pretty sure that crocheting should not be this hard...sigh.  I get pep talks from beautiful Instagrammy friends who are whipping up headbands and blankets.  I can totally do this...stay tuned ;)

We hope you're having a blessed and beautiful week!