Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sweet, Simple Saturday ~ Job 38

"From out of a storm, the Lord said to Job:
Why do you talk so much when you know so little?
Now get ready to face me!  Can you answer the questions I ask?
How did I lay the foundation for the earth?
    Were you there?"

“We are so little, that if God should manifest His greatness without condescension, we should be trampled under His feet; but God, who must stoop to view the skies, and bow to see what angels do, turns His eye yet lower, and looks to the lowly and contrite, and makes them great.” 
~ Charles H. Spurgeon

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend ♥

Scripture and Snapshot


  1. Dear Amanda
    My husband and I discussed just last night how the power, the vastness and majesty of space and beyond, are for all we know, all held in the palm of our God's hands. But what amazes me more and leaves me in awe about our Infinite Father, is how He limits Himself and put Himself on our human level in Jesus. Awesome!!
    Blessings XX

  2. This is truly one of my favorite portions of Scripture. The combination of Scripture & photos reduced me to tears. This is a stunning & powerful reminder & I am so grateful that I landed here! Seriously. Loved. This. Post!!! Thank you for sharing this today!

  3. And now, Job would have been going nuts like so many of us when we are seeing news about millions of planets, piles of history that is a little complicated, to say the least. I've always known I'd be a bad Job But all I can hope for is that the Lord will break through my confusion and misunderstanding and fill me with Himself with news and understanding.

    Love the photos. Understand the Words. Thank you.

  4. Wow, this is the 2nd time this week that I have come across this Scripture..... Love it when God does that! And, that Spurgeon quote is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it. So glad I was linked up after you over at The Weekend Brew this weekend. :)

  5. What an amazing piece of Scipture! Your images are beautiful as always but the words themselves have filled me with awe this morning. Blessings to you and yours and I hope your Thanksgiving was one of great joy.

  6. The ocean picture is breathtaking - perfect accompaniment to the Scripture too! Thanks for sharing!