Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Week in Photos {aka Life With Two Girls & Some Chickens}

“There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” 
~ Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

Alarm clock goes off, our day begins.
We rip and rush and fuss, 
Going our separate ways for a while, 
and counting down the hours
until we're back home together again.

Home has been my theme lately.  I'm pretty aware of that.  My most recent posts reflect it. We do venture school, to work, to town (that's what we call it when we cross over into the city limits).  We run a few errands and pick up blue Icees and Starbucks.  

And then we head home.  It's pretty exciting.  Definitely our favorite thing.  

And we spend our evenings outside.  Soaking up every remaining ray of sunshine as the days get shorter.  The girls catch bugs, roll around in the grass, draw pictures with chalk on the sidewalk that make me want to jump into them Mary Poppins style, get in a few arguments over silly stuff, run in and out of the house...

And then, of course, we play with the chickens...

Molly the Easter Egger

Sophie the Australorp

Juliet the Silver-Laced Cochin

Rapunzel the Buff Orpington

I like to call this backyard therapy.  Have you tried it?  Totally works.

You know what else is therapeutic?  The infectious, innocent, perfectly imperfect smile of a six year old and the laughter she encourages with a simple pair of fake glasses.  
Because nerds are cool. 

{You are my rock star.  I love you. I need every bit of you in my life...especially at 7:30 in the morning when we're running late and I'm already tired and cranky, and you make me laugh and take time out for a picture so I won't forget how impossibly adorable you are ♥}

{Munchkin, I need you, too.  Because you're not afraid to be an individual.  You are spirited and determined.  You remind me that mismatched socks are actually pretty awesome.  And there is always time to blow a few bubbles.}
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I love these weekly posts.  These compilations of photos and thoughts and moments.  I don't always have a funny story or many words to go along with them...but I remind myself that it's ok.  Just to have captured the picture is enough, to have found the meaningful in the mundane, the beauty in each day.  And it's not about trying to pretend that each day is's about trying to show that each day is lived.

We hope you're having a beautiful week and taking lots of pictures along the way!

{Capturing all of our moments through my probably now vintage iPhone 4...because my "real" camera is usually buried in our closet.  Follow our adventures on Instagram @mychaosandcoffee}

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  1. Great photos and I love being with my sister's chickens. They are so funny!

  2. Your chicken coop is adorable! You are really seizing the moments with these two sweeties!

  3. Your yard!!! Amazing. Seriously, posts like this make me want to move from our little place in the city that we love so much and live in the country. Absolutely beautiful. And the chickens. They're gorgeous and I'm pretty sure I've never thought of a chicken as gorgeous before! Enjoy your weekend with your lovely girls.

  4. Is it weird I am kind of jealous of your chicken's house?

  5. I absolutely love the picture of your daughter through the side mirror!!! And then the last one, both are my all time favorites :-)

  6. I think my fav might be Juliet. But I do love them all. Your girls!!! Oh my...gorgeous. I agree with Lisa, love the one of your girl through the side mirror. Love them all and I'm so glad you allow us to have a glimpse of your life through your photos. {Hugs} my friend!!

  7. Love these pictures. Makes me want to get chickens! (Not sure where we'd put them in our tiny city yard though...)
    ~Ruth Anne

  8. I AM SO GLAD to see you back. For the longest I tried coming here and it wouldn't let me. I always find your blog to bless me.

  9. Hi Amanda! The photos of your girls just made me smile. Loved the one under the table of the socks! Gotta love the kids who make us laugh, right?


  10. I adore these photos! Off to find you on Instagram right now

  11. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I’ll be featuring you on this week’s hop, so please feel free to come grab a Featured button!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  12. Visiting from Clever Chicks hop... what a great post! Loved it, love your photos, your chicken coop, your girls, your outlook on life!

    Kathi @

  13. Love! This especially: "And it's not about trying to pretend that each day is's about trying to show that each day is lived."