Monday, October 28, 2013

Being Mom & Welcoming Fall

Disclaimer:  I know it's Monday...these are last weeks photos.  We get a little busy with life, and I get a little behind with my journaling.  I could just blame it on the chickens ;)

Do you ever have moments when you look at your kids and think, when in the world did that happen?!  Who are you and what did you do with my baby?  sigh...

I've been having those moments a lot lately with this little munchkin of mine.  And yes, I will probably always call her my munchkin.  Just like I still call my 5'9" sister "Shorty" ~ that's just how nicknames work.  

She's getting so big.  She is carrying on conversations and counting and trying to read.  She wants to do everything herself.

She wants to help.  With everything.  Her most adorable expressions include: 
"Me do it self"
"Oh my hoodness"
She postpones bedtime by counting out hugs and kisses.  One, kiss.  Two, kiss.  Three, kiss. 
{We usually make it to ten.}

When I was in the hospital with our first baby girl, a light bulb went off.  {I tell this story all the may have heard it already.}  But finally, after years and years (mostly those pesky teenage years) of fighting it, ignoring it, not believing it...I finally realized how my parents felt.  The things that they did for us, the words, the moments, the emotions, it all made perfect and beautiful sense ♥ ~ Now, six years and two little girlies later, I'm still trying to figure out this parenting stuff and praying that I'm doing more good than harm to these amazing little lives God has shared with us.  There's this quote that I often remember {I really like's kinda my thing}:

"It is interesting that of all the ways Paul could have told the women to combat the decadence of their culture, he told them to invest their energies in training the younger women to live Christianly in their society."
~ Susan Hunt

My energy, my prayers, my heart and soul...
{and pretty girls of mine, it will all make sense to you one day, too.  
Life's awesome that way.}

It sure is a fun and incredible responsibility raising little ladies...

And speaking of little ladies ;)  
{you knew I was going to get to the chickens eventually, right}

It's getting colder and windier on the Half-Acre Home on the Range, and I'm not a huge fan of losing daylight.  I have decided that my mood is directly related to the weather...and the amount of sunshine I get each afternoon...and the amount of time I get to spend with the chickens.  

But I do love fall dearly.  The colors, the crisp air.  

We've enjoyed starting fires (contained safely, of course), making s'mores, eating pancakes, driving through the mountains, carving pumpkins, and pulling out our favorite hats.  Fall is comforting.  Fall is good.  

Bella the Mouse Hunter and I hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying all the goodness of this cozy season!  

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all - ...
~ Emily Dickinson

 Have a beautiful day!

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Friday Photo Journal

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sweet, Simple Saturday ~ Wonders Displayed

"Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this, 
In whose hand is the life of every living thing,
And the breath of all mankind?"
- Job 12:9-10

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend friends!

Scripture and Snapshot

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nurture, Love, and Focus on the Beauty

There's a reason I focus on my girls and our home in this online journal of mine.  It's because they are my happy place.  They are my priority, my responsibility, my blessings.  I struggle daily with my inadequacies as a mom, but even when I feel my craziest and most frustrated, I can just look at them, watch them, fall in love all over again, and remember that they are my purpose right now and my passion.  I can still kiss them, carry them, hold them, squeeze them, and take pictures of them without them rolling their eyes and complaining (I'm obviously taking advantage of that while I can).

I stumbled across an inspiring quote this week:  

"Today when you nurture, love, and meet the needs of your beloveds with beauty, it will make a difference in how they face their whole day." 
~ Sally Clarkson

As a mommy, that is one of my goals.  A daily reminder.  To nurture, love, and meet their needs with beauty, happiness, thankfulness...and take pictures to capture the memories along the way ♥

Here is another week in grainy, imperfect phone photos as another season comes upon us.  

{But not before a few more days of 80+ degree temps...}

  And a few more days to run around barefoot and draw outside with chalk.  

I don't know why this girl thinks she can grow up so quickly on me.
From twirling princess...

To chicken whisperer...

To great big sister...

Her talents are endless.

Every now and then, I have moments when I yearn for some huge, sprawling house and farm (doesn't everyone?) but for now, we are good and so richly blessed.  Our house is small.  We have maxed out our closet space, wall space, and under-the-bed space, but we are close.  I also think it's another reason why we spend so much time outside.  Our little yard in the woods is just an extension of our home...our little "Half-Acre Home on the Range." I'm thinking I should make a sign. 

It is also home to our favorite furry, feathered friends.

{In case you don't already know, chickens like to be snuggled, too.}

I am so thankful for another blessed week where the good and the beautiful outshine and overcome...

“The willingness to be and to have just what God wants us to be and have, 
nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else, would set our hearts at rest, 
and we would discover the simpler life,
the greater peace.” 
~ Elisabeth Elliot

We hope you're having a wonderful week!
I'm feeling a trip to the mountains soon...

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Friday Photo Journal

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