Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pullets & Pillowcases

Another week with my loves.  
Another week of school, work, and play. 
Another week of countless phone photos capturing the beauty of the every day.  

The girlies are always ready for a trip to Starbucks...and to Lowe's.  Fall is right around the corner, and I'm still digging in dirt and trying to plant things.  Everything I put in the ground now has something to do with the chickens.  I am trying to plant things that they might love to eat and things that are not toxic to them.  I sure do adore those little ladies.  

All summer long I had planned to teach myself to sew.  My mom had given me my grandma's old sewing machine to try to learn.  However, I spent the entire summer outside with the girls, so the great sewing adventure was put on hold.  This past weekend, however, a dear friend invited me to improve my sewing skills and help contribute to the ConKerr Cancer Foundation.   

And the King will answer and say to them, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." ~ Matthew 25:40

The ConKerr Cancer Foundation donates pillowcases to hospitals for children who are extremely sick.  It is a special little gift that means so much to these families.  We had such a fun assortment of fabrics to choose from, and I had no idea what I was doing.  Many questions {what's a bobbin?} and tutorials later, I was sewing away on my grandma's old machine.  Several times I found myself thinking of her using this machine and her skilled hands just whipping through projects...I miss her so much ♥

My grandma passed away from cancer, so it seemed so poetic to me to use her machine to create something for a child with cancer.  "ConKerr is fueled by a simple act of love – making a pillowcase for a sick child struggling with cancer or another life changing illness. Everything else is details." {from the website}  I was able to sew two (and a half) pillowcases that morning.  I messed up the third one a bit...I was getting a little too confident I suppose ;)  but my heart was so full, and I had the best time! 
{Thank you so much Mary Beth}

After the great sewing adventure, I spent a day with my mom and the girls.  We took a day trip.  I just love those.  We hit the road and got out of town for awhile.  My favorite places to stop are any stores containing antiques, books, and coffee. {sigh}

My problem is that I've covered our walls, and I've filled up our small home with so many favorite things.  Begrudgingly, I only came home with these two lovelies.  But aren't they just the best!

The munchkin found a vintage toy.  She carried that thing everywhere.  I like to think I am spreading my love of old things to the next generation ;)

The lady at the store asked me what color I was going to paint the chair.  I told her I loved it just the way it was.  I adore that color, and the old paint is so perfectly chipped.  It fits right in at our house.  

I used the coffee can to plant a pretty little succulent.  I just love these quirky little plants in fun, vintage containers.  

The rest of our time at home we spent walking Charlie Brown-Black and playing in the backyard with our "hihens" as my three year old calls them. 

They are getting so big.  I believe the correct term for them now would be pullets.  Yes, I am well on my way to becoming a chicken expert. Ha! 

I feel sometimes that my friends on Instagram must get so tired of chickens.  Probably ever other picture I post has a chicken in it.  We love them.  They are so much fun...I could watch them for hours.  And, the chickens have done something that I've never been able to do:  wake my big girl up in the morning. Since we moved the chicks outside into their coop, this girl has gotten up every morning (before 7:00!) to go check on her chicks.  True story.  That alone, my friends, is reason enough to have chickens ;)  

We actually rewarded her for disobeying the other night.  To introduce this story, I have to point out that we have some mighty spoiled little pullets.  I throw on my muck boots each night right before dark and head out to the run to find my little ladies cuddled up together by the door.  They just will not go into their coop on their own.  I pick them up one by one and place them in their bed for the evening.  See.  Totally spoiled.  Or just really wanting to see their mama before bedtime ;)  ~ A few nights ago, my husband joined me in the coop and that predator proof door closed on us, locking us inside our Fort Knox.  Despite the fact that we told  her to stay in the house, we heard our big girl coming across the yard a few minutes later!  Best. Sound. Ever.  You should've heard us praising her.  "Oh, we're so glad you didn't listen to us this time...let us out!"  She even got ice cream.

I hope you had a great week!  Thanks for stopping by,

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  1. Nope...not tired of your chickens AT ALL! Love them and love your heart for them. I look forward to the update and to seeing the adorable faces of your girls. Simply precious. Congrats on the pillowcases. Very cool what you are doing. I have a friend fighting for her life right now from cancer and what you are doing lifted my spirits. So love coming here Amanda!! I'm moving my Snapshot Love posts to Monday. Trying to figure out how to be creative with these with hubby gone and no little children to take pictures of. I think I must go re-discover nature through my lens. Wishing you a beautiful Saturday and weekend. Thanks for your kind comment on my post. Grateful for you. {Hugs}

  2. LOVE this post! Yes, it brought tears to my eyes when you were talking about Grandma's sewing machine being used for children with cancer! Such a WONDERFUL project and I'm soooo proud of you for taking a part in it!
    ... and yes, sometimes it OK when our babies don't listen! LOL I'm glad she came out and let you and Will out of your cage! :-)
    Love you! :-)

  3. Totally awesome to see your week in pictures. I love it. What an adorable chair you found. I love your succulents too. It looks like you had quite a week and I love your pillowcases. You go girl!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful organization ConKerr Cancer Foundation is! I love this idea! Might have to bust out my sewing machine and have my mom give me a refresher, this is just such a wonderful project to be involved in. I bet you had a blast :)

    Love your chickens on IG, keep 'em coming ;) Like I said, I will vicariously have chickens through you hehe!

  5. I seriously want to learn to sew too. I was just talking about the fact that I can not sew with a friend. She suggested she show me so I can create a camera/purse bag :-). AND, can I say the fact that you learned at such a great event... double woohoo! I think once I learn I should look into the ConKerr Cancer Foundation. Oh, and, I am so cracking up over the chicken coop rescue. I must say, I do really enjoy coming over here and reading your posts. I know I have said that before, but they always leave me feeling cherry. {FYI... I don't think I follow you on IG... I'm heading over to find you ;-)}

  6. What a wonderful week and a perfect way to learn to sew! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, that is such a funny story! And seeing this post after the one from the 17th I am amazed at how fast chickens grow!