Wednesday, September 25, 2013

37 Seconds

"...We breathe, we pulse, we regenerate. Our hearts beat, our minds create, our souls ingest. Thirty-seven seconds, well used, is a lifetime.” 
~ Suzanne Weyn, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Sometimes it's good to remember that life is fleeting.    That every second counts for something.  It's so easy to forget that.  Especially when we're busy or tired or frustrated.  It's so easy to feel as if we're just spinning our wheels, not really making progress, not really getting anywhere...when in reality life continues.  It moves by blazingly fast.

Then we reflect.  We remember.  We focus on the good.  Revel in the great.  Count the blessings.  These snapshots of our week, these grainy, filtered, imperfect phone photos, capture the seconds and chronicle the moments of our lifetime.  They revive and encourage me.  They are the bits and pieces of each week that remind me to live in the moment.

"In those times we yearn to have more in our lives,
 we should dwell on the things we already have.
  In doing so, we will often find that our lives 
are already full to overflowing."
~ Jim Stovall

We hope you're having a beautiful week and savoring every second!

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  1. Oh friend, I get goosebumps when I come here and look at your photos. So beautiful. And the quotes you shared today...FABULOUS. That picture of your daughter...2nd to last photo...oh my!!! I love them all so I'm not picking favorites, but oh my! :)))

  2. Amanda, thanks for the reminder. I've been in a not great spot for a few weeks now, and I needed your words!!! Thank you friend!

  3. So beautiful Amanda! Great quotes too.

  4. Love this almost as much as I love you and my Babies!!! :-)

  5. Hi, Amanda! I found your link-up over at "No Rules Weekend Blog Party". LOVE the photos and the quotes go so nicely with them. I don't know if you've heard of author Ann Voskamp or her best selling book, "One Thousand Gifts", but your words are parallel to what she writes about. She has a great Youtube video that I like to watch now and again to remind me to take in the fleeting moments ( She also has an awesome blog and link-up each Monday, called "Multitude Mondays" or you may even want to take the JOY DARE( Have an awesome weekend!
    Blessings, Ann

  6. This is gorgeous! What amazing shots of an amazing day. But your words too - are so profound! Have a great weekend!

  7. I loved seeing your everyday, your words....are just so so true!!