Friday, August 9, 2013

Insta-Friday ~ Making Them Happy

Summer vacation is coming to an end for me and my girls.  I will have a preschooler and a first grader.  I will begin my thirteenth year teaching special education, and I will be starting on my ninth yearbook as a yearbook adviser.  How's that for crazy!? (Well, it's crazy for me at least.)  I start looking at all those numbers and years and moments...and I know I say this like once a day and probably every other blog post, but time does fly by much too quickly.  One of the awesome things about having kids is that they remind me to live in the moment.  Remember what matters most.  Act crazy because they love it.  The crazier, the better!  One of my Instagram friends posted a beautiful quote (I believe it was from Mother Teresa) on her feed yesterday.  I had to write it down as a reminder for myself:

"Oh God, how easily I make them happy! Give me the strength to always be the light of their lives and so lead them to you." 
{Thank you @melissabeaver}

I want to remember this quote and prayer when we're deep into the school year and things are crazy and busy and frustrating.  Summer is easy peasy.  We sleep late, we play inside, we play outside, we make things, we laugh, we stay up late and watch movies (there may be a few fights thrown in there), but summer is awesome.  I want to remember how easy it is to make them laugh and smile on the chaotic days, too...because it really is so easy.  And when they're laughing and smiling, I usually am, too!

Like when we break protocol and make gooey, messy, chocolatey s'mores for breakfast.

And bring home a random pink, plastic flamingo for no reason at all.

They were even all smiles at their checkups recently (no shots needed)!

They seem to smile the most when we're outside.  The big girl has to walk Charlie Brown-Black these days.  She wants to hold the leash all by herself.

I just follow along with them...taking pictures as we go and thinking to myself how tall they both seem.  

And there is certainly nothing like a sweet treat from Starbucks to make a girl smile.

Yep, I feel the same way when I'm drinking my frappuccino ;)

We had a picnic out by the chicken coop this week and kept our guy company while he worked.  I'm so proud of what he's done and so thankful he's building such a cute coop for our little ladies who are quickly outgrowing the laundry room.  

{Spoiler Alert:  The rest of this post contains more pictures of our fuzzy, feathered babies and more smiles.  You've been warned.}

We took the chicks outside for the first time this week!  I'm not sure who was the most excited.  We enclosed them in a small fence, and let them run around, peck at the ground, and work on their tan.  That was the funniest thing.  Every now and then a chick would stop and lay down, just basking in the sunshine.  I had read that they would do this, but it was adorable to watch.  

Fave pic & biggest smiles of the week:

They were trying to fly around and use those wings.  It was such a fun afternoon even though I was kind of a nervous wreck.  I can't imagine how I'm going to feel when I have to leave them in the coop for the first time...

Kids + chicks + sunshine = all kinds of happiness ♥

Thanks for stopping by!  We hope you had a great week :)

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  1. I love your perspective, girl. I love the s'mores for breakfast. A couple times I've served banana splits for dinner. That makes them smile! I love your that coop! I can't wait to see it when it's done. I love picturing the chicks tanning themselves. Too funny. I didn't know they do that. I love your little girls, getting so big now! Such sweet smiles over their Starbucks. Good job training them to love their coffee! :)

  2. Your chicks!!! So adorable! How'd you make your breakfast smores? They look perfect!
    Whitney @

  3. Your girls and those chicks....ADORABLE! Oh how I know I'd love to come over for a visit. You bring big smiles to my face. (((hugs)))

  4. Fun! Thanks so much for sharing a day in your life with your kiddos! Blessings! Love, Rachael

  5. Oh man, these are fun!!! I love the Starbucks photos. Who doesn't feel like that when drinking a Frap there? We all need more courage to show it, like she does. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. These are fantastic... I'm loving it. FYI, I feel the same way about Starbucks too ;-) Love those sweet girls of your, they do grow up fast... your are right, time does fly. Thanks for joining Life Through the Lens, I loved this peek into your day(s.