Saturday, August 17, 2013

Insta-Friday ~ Just Another Week in Paradise

Insta-Friday:  capturing the beauty of everyday moments through the eye of my cell phone and sharing the stories behind them

This was my first week back at work with my high schoolers.  My girlie girls don't start at their schools until next week.  First grade and preschool.  When did that even happen?

I love coming home each afternoon.  It's my favorite.  Driving down this gravel road (usually with my windows down) seems to make things right in my little world again.  The stresses of the day just kind of melt away.    

The weather has been lovely.  It's been cooler...a touch of fall in the air, and I love that.  Fall is the best.  Once I get home with my zoo crew, we usually spend the evenings outside.

Especially when the munchkin locks us out of the house...

But I can't stay upset at her...for long.  My cool kid.  She does things just trying to make me laugh.  Usually when she's in trouble.  {Like when she's hiding from me and climbing in and out of the clothing racks at Target.  Yes, that's my child.  I'm sorry.}  And it works.  I try so hard not to crack a smile, but I'm a total pushover.  Whatevs.

So many happy sunflowers have popped up and opened.  I planted a variety in the backyard this year, and some of them tower above us!  We decided to cut "a few."

It then turned into a contest to see how many sunflowers two little girls could stuff into a watering can.  

I think they nailed it.

{I shall add sunflowers to the list of things I grew successfully this summer.  My list would look something like this:  1. cucumbers  2. sunflowers.  the end.}

And of course, a few new pics of the chicks ;) 
The hubby is ready to kick them out and is working overtime to finish their coop.  
I just love him!

Note the batgirl costume.  She is, indeed, a superhero chicken whisperer.  There is no end to her talents ;)

I cropped the munchkin out of this one because she was a naked girl...again.  I try to explain these things to her.  She has about three days to start liking clothes...I think they're probably required for preschool.

My favorite picture of the week: 
{just ignore the neglected, bug-infested garden and focus on the princess in the middle}

Picking her little harvest...she kinda has an Alice in Wonderland look.  Love that girl.

Favorite quotes of the week from my big girl:

{to her baby sister} "I sure am glad I'm not going to have any kids when I grow up."

{to me} "Even though you don't have the voice of some singer on the radio, I still love you."  
Thanks for having my back sweet girl ♥

I hope you had a great week! :)

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful. I especially love the one of your daughter in the garden... and I love fall too, and sunflowers. Coming here was a pretty neat little gift today.

  2. Hi Amanda! We have been getting some cooler weather here too...lends itself to excitement for the fall, huh? You have captured some beautiful moments in your the shots of the kids...and the cute little chicks...funny, we have a granddaughter who has had a hard time staying dressed throughout the day too. She figured it out once she got in school! And I love country roads, the American flag and sunflowers in watering cans. So glad to have found your blog from over at Lisa's place.

  3. My garden adventure hasn't been too successful this year either. But at least your garden looks beautiful. That's what counts! I love the sunflowers in the watering can. Perfect. Have a great week, friend! xoxo

  4. Amanda, you have an amazing talent of capturing such sweet moments with your girls and those chicks. So beautiful! And can I say I love when you post pictures of them with an American flag!
    Thank you for linking up with us.
    Much love to you.

  5. The watering can looks awesome with all those lovely happy blooms sticking out, they did a great job! Wishing you a happy back to school time and a smooth transition :)

    P.S. Cucumbers are my only success this year too ;)