Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Birthday, A Chicken Coop, & Dreams Come True

 It was a big, big week for everyone in my little household.  The coop was finished, the chicks moved outside, and we celebrated my birthday.  Birthdays are the best, especially when you're turning 23 all over again ;)  That's how old my hubby said I was, so I'm stickin' to it!

My birthday present was my chicken coop.  If you remember from all of my earlier posts about wanting chickens, our guy never wanted any part of them.  I repeat:  He did not want chickens. at all. ever.  But then, slowly and surely, the pleading and eye batting of his three girls won him over, and he set out to build our coop-a-loopa.  Without any plans or blueprints, he worked evenings and weekends on our "Fort Knox."  And he finished it this week.  For my birthday.  He is my hero ♥

Our half-acre lot is surrounded by trees, fields, the big (sometimes bad) great outdoors.  The coop and run are on the edge of the yard behind our "Happy Foods" garden. 

I don't have specifics as far as measurements and materials because this was his project, and I know very little about all the ins and outs of construction.  I attempted to help at times, but my favorite roles were photographer and lemonade maker :)

I think I was also the annoying inspector.  I scrutinized every nook and cranny, trying to think like a predator.  The girls and I are very attached to our little ladies, and I can't stand the thought of losing any one of them.  

I took it upon myself to paint the front side of the hardware cloth black to make the silver metal "disappear" and loved the results!  My big girl thought it was magic.  The black paint just  gave the coop an entirely different look.  Pretty amazing.  The only black paint I had around the house was chalkboard paint, so I told the chicks that they didn't realize just how trendy they were.

After I painted the front black:
(I love how it looks like there is nothing there.  You can see right in.  I left the back and sides silver for now.)

While my guy finished the coop, we continued taking the chicks outside for sunshine and fresh air.  It was the highlight of their day and the highlight of my big girl's day.  She loves these chicks...almost as much as I do.

The little silver-laced cochins are the last to get all of their new feathers.  

Our light brahma, Scout.  I have to focus on this one a little because she's my husband's favorite.  Yep.  The guy who never wanted chickens has a favorite.  I can't let that go.  

He loves her color and said she's pretty.  I repeat:  He thinks she's pretty.  

And just in time for my 3__th (cough) birthday, our beautiful little coop was finished.  Have I said how much I love that guy?

He leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, and whispered, "Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary..."

My other chicks had to check it out.  

My little ladies spent the first night in their new home this week, and I was a nervous wreck.  complete. disaster.  I said quite a few prayers for those little chickens.

Everyone seems safe and happy, and we spend quite a bit of time out in the run with them these days.  

We like to visit with all kinds of treats...we want them to be excited to see us :)

My big girl and I were sitting outside looking across the backyard one afternoon this week, and she reflected, 
"Mommy, you know why I love our home that we live in?  Because we get everything we dream of...we dreamed of a garden and our dreams came true and we dreamed of a chicken coop and our dreams came true!"  Be still my heart ♥ 
I love that girl.  {Thank you Lord for these showers of blessings, for our little half-acre home on the range, for the strong and loving man in our life, and for making little (and big) girls' dreams come true!}  
My cups runneth over.

I hope you had a wonderful week!

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  1. Man that is so cute!!!! I love it. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  2. I especially love the last picture.

  3. Oh Amanda, I love coming by and reading about your chicks, your obvious love for your husband and children and seeing your gratitude to God for how greatly He has blessed you. He is amazing isn't He? Your posts are always a delight!!
    Wishing you a blessed week my friend.
    {Hugs}, Beth

  4. Can I say your coop is one cool chick crib, girl!? He did a fantastic job, and the black chalkboard paint tip is so creative and totally works to make the screen material disappear! Brilliant. And the window box is way-cool. Your chickens must love their new digs. I'm having a ball watching them grow up, and it's definitely adorable that your man has a favorite chicken who he thinks is beautiful! I hope to schmooze my way into goat ownership and that one day I'll have a photo of a goat my husband thinks is "beautiful" (although I'm not holding my breath....If I can just schmooze my way into owning the goats, I'll be happy to stop there. Beauty may be asking too much.)

    What a special and awesome birthday gift! Happy 3_'th birthday to you :)

  5. I'm having so much fun following along and living vicariously through you and your chick adventures! Hope to have some one day as well :) Happy happy happy birthday Amanda! Glad such a sweet person as yourself gets to live in a land where dreams come true ;) What a sweet girl, that just melted me.

    Have a great week!

  6. Amanda- I am SOOO glad you are joining every week. I think I might want to come live with you... I want a home of my dreams too. Well, okay, I have one already :-D. Seriously, it is really fun to stop by here, and that coop is terrific. I do love the flowers below the window, it reminds me of Europe. Wow, the chicks have gotten big quick. And I have to say, Scout is my favorite too.

  7. Hello Amanda! Happy Friday. I'm stopping by to let you know I will be taking a break this weekend from Snapshot Love as I'm devoting my weekend to my husband. He leaves after the long weekend for several weeks (more pre-deployment training) so he has my attention! Thank you for how you always share a link to my place when you do your weekend post and for linking up. I look forward to still stopping by to see how things are going.
    Much love, Beth.

  8. The gift that keeps on giving! How wonderful for you and your family!
    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  9. Did you use sand in your chicken coop??? Also do you have plans for the coop your husband built?? Love it!!!

  10. Hi! We did use sand on the ground in the run! I do not actually have plans for the coop. I showed my husband several different pictures of coops I liked, and he just did his own thing...I'm so thankful for his background in construction!! Thanks for stopping by! :)