Saturday, July 27, 2013

Soaking up Rays, Enjoying Lovely Days {Insta-Friday on a Saturday}

Summer days just radiate all kinds of goodness, don't they?  

The kiddie pool has been moved to the backyard these days.  That's the great thing about that little pool.  It travels with us.  The girls drag it wherever they feel like playing, plop it down, and fill it up.  

Sometimes, a girl just needs a change in scenery ;)

While they play in the pool, I curse bugs {just kidding...maybe silently}, acquire hundreds more freckles, water the garden, dig up more grass {seriously, by the time summer ends, the hubby will have a lot less grass to mow}.  And the girls jump in and out of their pool, play in the water hose, have a fight or's really all very peaceful and lovely.  Until we've been out there about five minutes, and then I start to hear the whining little requests.  "Mommy, me eat." "Mommy, me juice box."  "Mommy, me cold." "Mommy, me potty." {Yes, that last one is a miracle, and we fly into the house at that request! ;)}  I sure do love that munchkin...but we need to work on that timing.

We visited our Papa & Granny's house to pick some blackberries.  I hope to get a few slips from them to plant in the fall!

And I actually made my first blackberry cobbler with the girls' berries.  {Shocking, I know.}  It's kind of a running joke that I don't cook a lot.  But seriously, folks, I try...sometimes.

All my favorite guys {hubby, daddy, brother} seemed to like it, so I was happy. 

I even made turtle pancakes for breakfast one morning this week.  Step back, this girl's on fire!

Just kidding.  I'm really not.  I actually had a down and out moment this week when the most beautiful six year old lifted my spirits.  She is seriously one of the greatest gifts ever.

Our "Happy Foods" garden has been my baby this summer (at least until our fuzzy new chicks arrived).  It has been one of our biggest projects, and I had such high hopes.  I get discouraged some days.  One particular day this week my big girl noticed.

She pointed out:  "Look at all this healthy food growing!"
Me:  But we don't get much to eat from it.
Her response:  "Yes we do, we eat the cucumbers."
Me:  You and your daddy don't even like cucumbers.
My big girl:  "But you like cucumbers, and that's all that matters."
The best. ♥

{We do have some carrots to add to those wacky cucumbers!}

Children give the best pep talks...I miss seeing the world from their perspective.  

Even missing her two front teeth, she is still overflowing with so much sweetness.  {Until her baby sister rubs her the wrong way, of course,...or she has to clean her room, but I digress.}

She finally lost the infamous little front tooth that has been hanging on for dear life.  And then she left a note to remind herself to trick her daddy.  Little notes written by little hands are one of life's greatest treasures :)

You know what else is one of life's greatest treasures?  Little bitty fuzzy chicks with teeny tiny wings.  No weekly roundup of ours these days would be complete without a few pictures of the mischievous cuties.  They are getting a little bigger and bolder now, and little feathers are starting to come in.  I may be putting a cover over their brooder soon.  

They are still too cute for words.  

And so are my two crazy girlies.  My partners in crime.  
Thank you Lord for another blessed and beautiful week!

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you had a great week :)

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  1. Beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!!! :-)

  2. Gorgeous cobbler, for one who "doesn't cook," - You go, girl!!!! I love your photos capturing the best stuff of summer... the lazy wading pool moments, the berry picking, the garden. What a blessing it all is!!!! And I have to tell you, we are moving to a farmhouse next month with a chicken coop, and my hubby said we can have chickens, so I hope you'll be doing a whole tutorial thing.

  3. Aw, cute! All of it. You're such a good mommy to your little girlies. I feel the same way about my garden, we don't really do it to get anything to eat. It's just fun to have something to grow. What a sweet comment from your girlie! It's those things that make it all just so worth while. Have a great week. See you on IG! xoxo

  4. What fun summer your kids are having!

  5. I love the, "it's really all very peaceful and lovely..." SO true! Those sweet moments with little ones don't usually last very long, so we really need to enjoy the snippets when we can :) The long gorgeous hair on your daughter is amazing! I love vegetable gardening with kids. It's so sweet to see the excitement from them about picking produce they had a part in! We don't do too much at our house either (I wish we did more), but at least we can pick from Grandma's big garden at the lake. I loved your photos and the glimpse into your week. Thanks for sharing!