Friday, July 19, 2013

Insta-Friday: A Quick Trip & Our Little Chicks

 Sharing my favorite phone photos from the week and the stories that go with them...mostly in black & white :)

We took a quick trip to Tennessee to visit my baby sister, also known these days as Auntie.  We started out super excited, ready to go!

But I am, in fact, the worst traveler ever.  There's a reason I love staying home.  After a short time, my traveling companions threatened to strap me to the roof.  

I was sharing a backseat with these two crazy kids.  Phones, iPads, and Instagram definitely helped to pass the time.  Silly girls.

Sometimes, a girl can only take so much when traveling with the munchkin. Ha! ;)

We finally arrived, and we were some happy girls!  First things first, we found a toy store, a candy store, a horsey pocketbook, some rock candy, and a duck.  Tennessee is fabulous.

We spent one day in Dollywood.

Rode a few rides.  Got really wet on some of them!

Played lots of games to win a couple of striped lizards ;)

The munchkin crashed after all the excitement.  {On a side note:  I breathe a small sigh of relief when the precious cargo within the stroller finally falls asleep after a long day.  Yes, that is a good moment.}

But then sometimes, she wakes up crankier than when she fell asleep.  {Sigh}  Toddler problems.

We had such a fun trip, but it was way too short!  I spent most of my time with my sister trying to convince her to move back home.  {Sorry sissy ;)  I know that drives you crazy.  It's cause I love ya so much ♥}

After our trip, we had a fun week filled with a wonderful vacation Bible school thanks to the beautiful ladies of our church, an impromptu party in the driveway after daddy brought home sparklers...

And then...

~ Our chicks ARRIVED! ~

We have been patiently...or not so patiently, waiting for our fuzzy little newly hatched babies to come.  I got a call from the post office bright and early the morning they arrived. We barely changed out of our pajamas before rushing out the door.  I think that's the first morning in the history of forever that I left the house without coffee ;)  As soon as I opened the post office door, we heard them chirping away in the back.  They had my heart at the first chirps.

We are in love.  I'm not sure who loves them or the girls.  

Yep, I am a new mommy again.  Our great chicken adventure has begun!  I think a few folks totally get it and understand our excitement, some are kind of curious about it, some may find it comical, and maybe a few don't get it at all.  But we are super we go :)
{I hope to write a full post on the chicks and their first week with us soon!} 

I hope you had a wonderful week!  Thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. SO cute! I love that you rode in the back with the girls - lots of fun memories made I bet!

  2. Your road trip woes bring back many many memories of road trips with our kids when they were toddlers. I'm right there with you on the falling asleep in the stroller thing. And with keeping them occupied with photo taking ops. // We used to go to Tennessee for a week each year when we lived in OH. Never made it to Dollywood. Looks like you guys had fun. // I totally get the chicks thing. I want some, but it won't happen as long as we live in town. I'll just live vicariously through you. :) Love all your pictures, can't wait to see more. // Have a great week! xoxo

  3. Oh I love your chicks! So precious. It looks like a wonderful week and I love how you share the ups and downs of traveling. Those girls of yours....GORGEOUS!

  4. Hi Amanda! What a whirlwind of a week you had! I love the pictures of you in the backseat with your girls. You all know how to have fun :)

    I have never been to Tennessee, but I'd love to see the area someday. The Smokey Mts are supposed to be a real sight to see. And you are a new Mommy! Hilarious! Enjoy your 'little peepers!' And for some reason, I am really happy that rock candy still exists...what a childhood memory that conjured up for me.

    So enjoyed your post!!

    Happy Saturday,

  5. Oh my! Lots and lots of excitement! What great summer fun!!

  6. I blog hoped over here, and love your little chicky pictures, I can very much relate to your enthusiasm about them.

  7. I hopped over and am a friend of Beth's :) I love LOVE the car photos! My oldest kids are teens and my little is 4, and they make the most hysterical selfies when we travel - your girls are adorable, and I love the photo collage of them in the car so much. And how DID we ever travel before iPads?!

    The chicks are adorable, and I am so curious to see the process unfold - please keep us all updated! It sounds like a really fun thing to have some chickens - I'd love it! My husband, not so much....

  8. I am so excited about your chicks! I really want to raise some too but not sure it'll happen. Congrats on the additions :)