Saturday, July 27, 2013

Soaking up Rays, Enjoying Lovely Days {Insta-Friday on a Saturday}

Summer days just radiate all kinds of goodness, don't they?  

The kiddie pool has been moved to the backyard these days.  That's the great thing about that little pool.  It travels with us.  The girls drag it wherever they feel like playing, plop it down, and fill it up.  

Sometimes, a girl just needs a change in scenery ;)

While they play in the pool, I curse bugs {just kidding...maybe silently}, acquire hundreds more freckles, water the garden, dig up more grass {seriously, by the time summer ends, the hubby will have a lot less grass to mow}.  And the girls jump in and out of their pool, play in the water hose, have a fight or's really all very peaceful and lovely.  Until we've been out there about five minutes, and then I start to hear the whining little requests.  "Mommy, me eat." "Mommy, me juice box."  "Mommy, me cold." "Mommy, me potty." {Yes, that last one is a miracle, and we fly into the house at that request! ;)}  I sure do love that munchkin...but we need to work on that timing.

We visited our Papa & Granny's house to pick some blackberries.  I hope to get a few slips from them to plant in the fall!

And I actually made my first blackberry cobbler with the girls' berries.  {Shocking, I know.}  It's kind of a running joke that I don't cook a lot.  But seriously, folks, I try...sometimes.

All my favorite guys {hubby, daddy, brother} seemed to like it, so I was happy. 

I even made turtle pancakes for breakfast one morning this week.  Step back, this girl's on fire!

Just kidding.  I'm really not.  I actually had a down and out moment this week when the most beautiful six year old lifted my spirits.  She is seriously one of the greatest gifts ever.

Our "Happy Foods" garden has been my baby this summer (at least until our fuzzy new chicks arrived).  It has been one of our biggest projects, and I had such high hopes.  I get discouraged some days.  One particular day this week my big girl noticed.

She pointed out:  "Look at all this healthy food growing!"
Me:  But we don't get much to eat from it.
Her response:  "Yes we do, we eat the cucumbers."
Me:  You and your daddy don't even like cucumbers.
My big girl:  "But you like cucumbers, and that's all that matters."
The best. ♥

{We do have some carrots to add to those wacky cucumbers!}

Children give the best pep talks...I miss seeing the world from their perspective.  

Even missing her two front teeth, she is still overflowing with so much sweetness.  {Until her baby sister rubs her the wrong way, of course,...or she has to clean her room, but I digress.}

She finally lost the infamous little front tooth that has been hanging on for dear life.  And then she left a note to remind herself to trick her daddy.  Little notes written by little hands are one of life's greatest treasures :)

You know what else is one of life's greatest treasures?  Little bitty fuzzy chicks with teeny tiny wings.  No weekly roundup of ours these days would be complete without a few pictures of the mischievous cuties.  They are getting a little bigger and bolder now, and little feathers are starting to come in.  I may be putting a cover over their brooder soon.  

They are still too cute for words.  

And so are my two crazy girlies.  My partners in crime.  
Thank you Lord for another blessed and beautiful week!

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you had a great week :)

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Adventures With Chicks ~ Week 1

If you happened to read my last post, you know that the chicks arrived!  Our fuzzy new babies are here :)

I ordered our chicks from My Pet Chicken.  I ordered from them because I could have a small number of chicks shipped (six was the minimum number for my postal code), I could pick and choose what breeds I wanted (as long as they were available on my preferred shipping date), and I could pick all females.  I live in the country surrounded by pines and oaks, so if one of my Misses just happens to be a Mister, I can be ok with that.  {And for any new chicken folks out there who may not know, you don't need a rooster for hens to lay eggs.  You only need a rooster if you want those eggs fertilized for baby chicks.}  I just have to say, that based on their customer service alone, I would order from My Pet Chicken again in a heartbeat.  I called several times about my order and each time I spoke with a real person who genuinely seemed to care, and each one was extremely helpful and patient with this new chicken owner.  Our babies arrived bright and early in the morning at our local post office.  The girls and I barely took the time to change out of our pajamas before rushing to greet them :)

The chicks are currently living in our laundry room...who needs to wash clothes, really?  All of their little supplies are housed on top of the washing machine.  

I wanted to be prepared for these new additions to the family, so I've been trying to do my homework.  I've been reading pages and pages of posts, comments, and information at Backyard ChickensThe Chicken Chick, and I even bought a book.  I am now, officially, an expert.  Totally serious.  Just kidding. Ha!  But you could call me a crazy chicken lady these days...and I would be ok with that ;)

This is their little home right now.  The large blue tub is our brooder.  Instead of using one of those huge (dangerous, scares me to death, and I don't want our house to burn down) heat lamps, I bought a Brinsea EcoGlow chick brooder.  It's awesome.  (And I have a confession.  I found it on Amazon, so I saved some money on it.)  The chicks love it.  They run out to eat, drink, and play, and then they run back under it for a quick nap.  
{Charlie Brown-Black is, in fact, annoyed thrilled to be sharing his space and attention with these strange and noisy little creatures.}    

For the first week, I have been putting paper towels down over their pine shavings (pine NOT cedar - cedar is toxic and can kill chicks) while they figure out what's food and what's not.  I don't plan on taking them outside until they're bigger, so I bring pieces of the backyard to them.  It helps to build up immunity to things found in our yard.  It also provides entertainment and gives them something to peck at besides each other.  My big girl calls it a dirt toy.  Aren't they adorable?!  I am so in love with them already.  So is the hubby:
Me:  Don't you just love the little chirping sounds they make?
Hubby:  "No."
He's totally falling for them.  
{And this is also the guy in charge of building their Fort Knox of a coop...we love him!}

The curious little fuzzballs in the front are Sophie (an Australorp) and Rapunzel (a Buff Orpington).  

Rapunzel.  She's easily the most entertaining and mischievous of the group.  She's the first to check things out and the quickest to get away.  I'm going to have to keep an eye on this one.  

The little gray baby above is Scout (a Brahma and named after one of my most favorite characters ever) since I could never convince the hubby to let me name one of our girlies Scout.

They fall asleep randomly.  It's so cute.  I could watch them for hours.  
This is Belle (a Buff Brahma).  

These two lovelies are my silver-laced cochins.  Cochins are beautiful.  Look at those little feathers on their legs.  I just want to squeeeeeeze them...but not too hard.  We named these two girlies Delilah & Juliet.  The big girl was in charge of naming the chicks, but I did throw my two-cents in at times, and these two babies are my own special girls.  I know, I totally shouldn't have favorites...  I wanted to name them Rizzoli & Isles, but the big girl turned up her nose and said, "No way, those are boys' names."  I tried.  So then we came up with Delilah & Dory (as in Dory from Finding Nemo).  But then the big girl decided that the name Dory would be best suited for a duck because ducks swim in water, and Dory was a fish.  So, we decided on Juliet.  And while I would love to say that my super smart girl based it on the star-crossed lover in Shakespeare's play, she was actually referring to a little red gnome from the animated movie Gnomeo & Juliet.  Perhaps you've seen it?  

We are enjoying these little chickies so much and could spend hours watching them.  Not only are they entertaining, but they will eat bugs, provide awesome garden fertilizer, and of course breakfast ;)  

The week has been filled with all of the little chores that come along with the new babies, and the girls are right with me every step of the way.  Sometimes, they're actually in my way, but I guess I should be more thankful that they want to help.  The biggest problem we have is trying to get anything else done because we want to spend all of our time watching and playing with the chicks.  And then there was that awkward moment when I suggested chicken nuggets for lunch right after we finished checking on them...

What about you?  Do you have chickens?  I'm kinda fascinated with them right now.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our journey :)
Have a great day!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Insta-Friday: A Quick Trip & Our Little Chicks

 Sharing my favorite phone photos from the week and the stories that go with them...mostly in black & white :)

We took a quick trip to Tennessee to visit my baby sister, also known these days as Auntie.  We started out super excited, ready to go!

But I am, in fact, the worst traveler ever.  There's a reason I love staying home.  After a short time, my traveling companions threatened to strap me to the roof.  

I was sharing a backseat with these two crazy kids.  Phones, iPads, and Instagram definitely helped to pass the time.  Silly girls.

Sometimes, a girl can only take so much when traveling with the munchkin. Ha! ;)

We finally arrived, and we were some happy girls!  First things first, we found a toy store, a candy store, a horsey pocketbook, some rock candy, and a duck.  Tennessee is fabulous.

We spent one day in Dollywood.

Rode a few rides.  Got really wet on some of them!

Played lots of games to win a couple of striped lizards ;)

The munchkin crashed after all the excitement.  {On a side note:  I breathe a small sigh of relief when the precious cargo within the stroller finally falls asleep after a long day.  Yes, that is a good moment.}

But then sometimes, she wakes up crankier than when she fell asleep.  {Sigh}  Toddler problems.

We had such a fun trip, but it was way too short!  I spent most of my time with my sister trying to convince her to move back home.  {Sorry sissy ;)  I know that drives you crazy.  It's cause I love ya so much ♥}

After our trip, we had a fun week filled with a wonderful vacation Bible school thanks to the beautiful ladies of our church, an impromptu party in the driveway after daddy brought home sparklers...

And then...

~ Our chicks ARRIVED! ~

We have been patiently...or not so patiently, waiting for our fuzzy little newly hatched babies to come.  I got a call from the post office bright and early the morning they arrived. We barely changed out of our pajamas before rushing out the door.  I think that's the first morning in the history of forever that I left the house without coffee ;)  As soon as I opened the post office door, we heard them chirping away in the back.  They had my heart at the first chirps.

We are in love.  I'm not sure who loves them or the girls.  

Yep, I am a new mommy again.  Our great chicken adventure has begun!  I think a few folks totally get it and understand our excitement, some are kind of curious about it, some may find it comical, and maybe a few don't get it at all.  But we are super we go :)
{I hope to write a full post on the chicks and their first week with us soon!} 

I hope you had a wonderful week!  Thanks for stopping by :)

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