Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's a Beautiful Ride

I love taking pictures of my girls.  It’s my passion right now because they are growing and changing so quickly and because it’s fun.  The pictures I post are my favorites.  I may take 20 pictures at a time and get that one that I just love.  And that’s the one I play with, edit, and share.  Friends sometimes comment that my pictures look so peaceful or that I’ve got it all together as a mom.  Oh goodness, I think to myself.  I hope I’m not like false advertising or anything!  I told someone once that the reason people see those nice, peaceful pictures is because there’s no time to take pictures in the midst of refereeing and breaking up the fights. I mean the first word in my blog title is Chaos, people ;)

It’s been a little over a year since the girls and I were in our wreck.  {I wrote about it here.}  I still think about it every day.  I think about how blessed we were...how blessed we are.  Experiencing something like that changes a person.  God saved us that day, and I just want to live the best life I can.  I want to live in the moment and soak up every precious bit of life that God shares with us.  I want to be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend.  Am I perfect?  Oh goodness, not even close.  Do I fail miserably some days, oh yeah.  Do I lose my temper, get frustrated, have my own temper tantrums? It's possible...{don’t talk to my husband} Despite my shortcomings and personality flaws, I still try.  I pray hard, I ask forgiveness, I work to be better.  I listen as people reflect on their childhood, and I honestly take it all in.  I think about what my kids will say about their childhood.  I know it's not perfect, but I want them to feel that they were loved, encouraged, and valued.  {I take my six year old's advice all the time...and honestly, her ideas can be better than mine!}

And just to show that it's not all rainbows and cupcakes, I want to share a few of my favorite not-so-perfect moments :)

We throw ourselves in the floor and have a fit...or two.

We just get really tired of all of mommy's pictures and refuse to smile.

  We put ourselves in the running for "Little Miss Sunshine" awards.

We play in mommy's flowerpots and dump dirt everywhere (inside and outside).

We get really tired of riding around and running errands with mommy.

We get tired of shopping...especially when we want to run around the store and are forced to ride in the cart.

We get really cranky when we miss naps.

{and who can be this grumpy with Starbucks in her lap?!}

We don't like being told what to do.

It's just not easy being a kid!

See, we have all kinds of moments ;)  
{and I won't get started on the ones there are no pictures of!}

But at the end of the day, when our girls are tucked into their beds in the room that they share and we hear them laughing and giggling themselves to sleep, my heart explodes.  There are no words.  And I thank the Lord for another blessed day and this crazy beautiful ride ♥

A Little R & R


  1. I heart you bestest! You are the best friend, mom, wife, daughter, sister, and teacher! Just look around at all of us that have been around you for years and years (and have seen those tantrums haha). We wouldn't know what to do without you in our lives! I too thank God you and the girls were saved! You have always been and will always be my second family. I love you more than words can express! MMMMwah Mandi Pandi :)
    Lolli :)

    1. I heart you, too, girl, SO much!!!! I am so thankful to have had you by my side, in my corner, and in my life all these years!!! Thanks for putting up with me all this time ;) You mean the world to me, and I thank God for you!! Love and miss you!!!

  2. Amanda, I just love your blog. It just breathes heartful honesty and a love for your children...for life...and for God. I also simply love the title of your blog!

    1. Hi Beth!! :) Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments!!! I just try to keep things real :) Thanks for stopping by, have a blessed day!!