Friday, June 14, 2013

Insta-Friday ~ Summer Days & Random Thoughts

Some of my favorite moments and snapshots through the week.

After what seemed like days and days of rain {Charlie Brown-Black didn't even want to go outside}...

We finally saw some sunshine, and the plants that survived the beating rain were so pretty and green.  And to my ecstatic surprise, I have my very first hydrangea bloom!  I planted this bush last year, so I'm pretty excited about this :)  Hydrangeas are one of my favorites!!

The girls don't handle being cooped up in the house very well.  When it rains for days and days and they start jumping off of furniture and's time to head outside.  This one tried riding her scooter on our gravel road.  Daddy had to carry it back home.

The big girl had to take a ride on her scooter before church and in her Sunday best ;)

Her daddy tried taking the training wheels off of her birthday bike and teaching her how to ride was not good.  So, the training wheels were put back on for a little while longer.

Her Sunday school teacher said they were studying the book of Job, and my big girl said that trying to ride her bike without training wheels was her "hard/sad" time.  {You'll get it sweet girl, it takes time, but you'll get it!}

I stopped by Hobby Lobby one day and grabbed this pretty bundle:

One of my summer goals was to learn how to sew.  I haven’t even taken the cover off the machine yet {sigh} but that doesn’t stop me from walking into the fabric section at Hobby Lobby like I know what I’m doing or something.  I try to look really cool and experienced as I peruse the lovely fabrics and picture awesome projects in my head.  Then I see people picking out patterns who clearly know exactly what they're doing.  I just grabbed my pretty little bundle of scrappy fabric and moved on...  I had no real idea of what I was going to do with it.  Until this:

We haven't had anything on these windows in our dining room since we installed them.  I just couldn't find anything I liked, and to be honest, I like the bright open windows.  I didn't want to cover them with blinds or curtains.  The colors in the fabric bundle matched the dining room, so during a few of those rainy days {when we were stuck inside and trying not to go crazy...or hurt each other} I tied the strips around pieces of jute twine and hung them up!  It may not appeal to everyone, but it works perfectly in our dining room, and they just look so happy hanging up there.  The hubby even liked them :)  

A few days later, we received happy mail!

Chickens!  And Pippi!  We were some happy girls that day.  I have made up my mind that we're going to have chickens.  I am trying to do my homework before we bring home those adorable, fluffy chicks, so I ordered this book.  I love it so far!  And the sign...well, that was just really cute and the chicken coop {that's not even built yet} will need decorations, of course. 

Speaking of chickens, this is probably one of the cutest texts ever:

I love that girl.  I can count on her to enthusiastically jump on board with any plans I have that involve animals, flowers, and being outside ;)  And those have to be the best chicken names ever!

I had some mommy time and got my blonde brightened and my hair cut off! :)  I wanted something short and fun.  {Think Julianne Hough in Safe Haven.}  And just a note about that movie, which I did eventually come to love. *SPOILER ALERT:  Now that I'm a wife and mom, all these romance movies where the mom dies from cancer or something else terrible and the dad and children move on to find some other beautiful, young woman to love...I don't really care for them too much these days...just saying.

Because these are my people:

Well, they belong to the Lord, but I thank God every day that He shares them with me!  

And I thank Him for every day that I get to love them, hug them, kiss them, squeeze them, take care of them...maybe even drive them a little crazy ;)

And now, a few fabulous words from my awesome six year old who never ceases to surprise me with the things that she says ;)

1.  As I’m filling up an ice cube tray at a friend’s house, my big girl {who only knows how to get ice from a dispenser in the fridge door} jumps up and says, “Woah, what’s that?”
Me:  “It’s an ice cube tray. You fill it up with water, put it in the freezer, and get ice cubes.”
My girl:  “That’s so cool!  I wish we had one of those!  They have a pretty cool house don’t they?!”  {Yes, yes they do!} 

2.  “I want to be a crossing guard or horse rider when I grow up and sissy wants to be a robber.”  {Proudest. mom. ever.}

3.  "The squirrels and the birds and the worms and the gardens are praising the Lord this morning because it’s summer time!” {Mommy is, too, girl, let me tell ya!}

I hope you've had a great week!  Thanks for reading along :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love, Love, LOVE!!! Actually "LAUGHING OUT LOUD" at #2!!! LOL
    Love you! :-)

    1. She's such a silly girl!! :) Love you, too!!

  2. Oh my word. I LOVE your 'curtains'. What a great idea! Fantastic. I also love your chicken book! My Daddy used to work at Farm Bureau.

    1. Thank you so much!!! :) It was really so simple, but I really like them!! Thanks so much for stopping by, have an awesome day!!

  3. Stopping by from instafriday... love your hydrangea! Is it purple? I am on my third plant, keeping fingers crossed that this one survives and blooms again next year. They are so happy and sweet.

    Love the hair! Sassy!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Rose!! Thanks so much for stopping by :) Yes, the hydrangea is purple!!! I'm in love ;) I bought it last year, but I can't remember exactly what type it is. I hope yours do well!! Flowers really are so happy!! Have a great day!!

  4. These images are beyond gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you so much!! :) Have a great day!!

  5. Love your scrappy window treatment! I want to do that for my daughter's bedroom. I'm dead set on raising chickens one day too! I look forward to reading about yours :)

    1. Hi Whitney, thanks so much!! :) It was so simple, and I really like them!! YAY for chickens!! ;) I hope I get to post lots more about chickens, soon! Thanks for reading along, have a wonderful day!!

  6. That ice cube quote is the best everrrr! It's so fun to see your pictures during the week, then hear more of the stories behind them in these posts. You take such great photos, too. I love that window treatment, btw. It's fantastic. And I wish we could have chickens in our backyard, but the hubs isn't as excited about it. Maybe I'll just try to get the garden to grow things, then work on the chickens. Have a great week! xo, ab