Thursday, June 6, 2013

Insta-Friday & a Few of My Favorite Photo Apps

Hellooo Insta-Friday! :)  I have been kind of slipping the last few weeks on my Insta-Friday posts.  This week, I am starting early and getting this thing done.  Because Insta-Friday has always been one of my favorites.  Capturing the fun of everyday moments and sharing those grainy, not-so-perfect phone photos.

Summer vacation has officially started, and we are some happy girls these days!

The munchkin got a new swim suit!  And she is rocking it!  You go girl.  Now she can actually play in something other than her little swimmer pull-ups ;)


Yes, this is how we plan to spend our days...

That is our pool.  We kiddie-pool it all day, every day ;)  And sometimes while wearing helmets...and costumes.  Safety first, Disney characters second.  Priorities, people.

We often eat lunch outside now.  I love this picture.  It just captures all that's good about summertime, sunshine, and sisters.  {Granted, they may have been fighting five minutes later, but at this moment, it was pretty blissful!}

We still take our walks on long, gravel roads with our favorite dogs.  This is my sister's dog Channing.  She's a girl.  Named after a boy.  The movie star.  Perhaps you've heard of him?  I hear he's kind of cute or something...

Hello Yellow!

I am a multi-tasker.  I cannot do just one thing at a time.  {And those people who actually finish one project before starting another...I kind of envy you.}  So, now that the girls and I are home for the summer, our carport is our playground and our workshop.  I always have something in the works, and I love it that way.  It makes me happy.  Right now, I’m in the process of repainting the wooden glider.  It belonged to my grandparents, so this is a labor of love and means a lot to me. The sign is for our little garden.  I plan to share more about them both in later posts!

I also wanted to share a few of my favorite phone apps with some of my pictures because I have had several friends ask which ones I use for the photos I post.  I found several of these apps because others shared them, so I wanted to pay it forward:

~ Snapseed (thanks @goodphotog)
~ Afterlight (thanks @realadampowell ~ who also hosts the superfun #raphotoaday on Instagram)
~ A Beautiful Mess (thanks @annebickle)
I also use:
~ Squaready (with this app, you can post horizontal or vertical pictures to Instagram)
~ Frametastic (any collage pictures)
~ After Photo

This picture is straight off my phone.  No filter, no cropping, nothing.

I used Snapseed & Instagram to get something like this:

{The top picture is not the exact picture I used for the second one but close. I have over 2000 pictures in my camera roll, so sometimes I go on a deleting spree.} 

Look at her :)  That is her first harvest of radishes from our "Happy Foods" Garden.  If that doesn't just make you smile... {It was like Christmas Day at our house that morning!}  For this picture I used Afterlight, A Beautiful Mess, & Instagram.  I am pretty much obsessed with A Beautiful Mess right now.  That doodle arrow is just one of many fun things you can add to your photos.  

This is another before picture:

And this is after:

For this "colorful" adorableness I used Snapseed, A Beautiful Mess, & Instagram.

This "kisses" picture is easily one of my new favorites ♥  The hubby gets credit for taking it! I used Snapseed, Squaready, A Beautiful Mess, and then Instagram.  

{I know there are so many more awesome apps, but these are the ones I use pretty much on a daily basis...because it's fun and makes me happy!}  

My most treasured pictures of the girls are the ones I have taken on my iPhone4 and played with, edited, and shared straight from my phone.  I have had canvases made from my Instagram pictures and have them hanging all over the house (thank you Canvas Pop). 

 {The text and doodles are from A Beautiful Mess ~ so fun!  The middle painting is a $2.50 thrift store treasure.  Isn't it awesome?!}

{Here is a screenshot of my fave photo apps lined up on my home screen.}

I love capturing bits and pieces of our lives.  It reminds me to look for and focus on the beauty and magic of ordinary days!

Thanks for reading along, and if you were looking for great ways to share your pictures, I hope I helped a little :)
Have a great one!

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  1. Lovely snapshots - Thank you for all the App Tips - gonna check them out! I use also Snapseed almost always ... Found a lovely new App called Mextures just a fewe days ago (adding textures and light-enchangements)
    Happy Weekend, Nina

    1. Thanks so much Nina!! :) I just love Snapseed, it's the best!! I will have to check out Mextures, thanks for the tip!! :) Have a great day!!

  2. Thanks for sharing all those cool picture apps; your photos look amazing! Im so glad I found your link at life rearranged!

  3. Oh Amanda! I love this week's post!!! I love how you posted your before and afters and shared what apps you are using!! I'd love to steal that idea, if it's ok with you! I have been looking for places to get my Instagram pictures printed. Where did you get the canvases made? Do you also get them printed smaller on regular photo paper?

    1. Hi Shannon!! :) Thanks for the comments, I'm so happy you enjoyed the post!! You should totally do it, too!! I think it's great when we share ideas and apps...that's how I found many of my favorites :) I had all of my Instagram canvases printed at Canvas Pop. It's and you can access your Instagram account right on their website and pick which pictures you want printed. I haven't printed many on photo paper. I do want to try more of that because I have SO many pictures! Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!!