Friday, June 28, 2013

Insta-Friday: Capturing the Moments, Sharing the Stories

Another week of pictures taken from my phone.  Looking for the magnificent in the mundane, the extraordinary in the ordinary, the magic in each and every day.  Some of my favorite moments with my favorite people.

Some days, we feel the need to stay in our pajamas all day...and wear our bedroom slippers outside.  It happens.  We go with it.  {Note: We don't actually leave the house this way...I just felt like I needed to say that.}

I love this picture.  It just feels like summertime.  Blue sky.  Sunshine.  Wind in her hair.  She's so funny driving that thing.  She takes her hands off of the steering wheel and lets it run in circles, and she just laughs her head off.  I think we're in some trouble when she turns sixteen.  I can hear her now, "Look, mom and dad, no hands!"

Look at her face.  She might look so sweet and innocent, but if you look a little closer, she's thinking really hard about what she can get into next ;)  This munchkin of ours keeps me on my toes for sure.  And she keeps Charlie Brown-Black on his paws, too.

Sometimes, he needs a time-out from her.  Look at his face.  I actually found him like this because I heard him snoring.  It can be a little exhausting being the munchkin's puppy dog love.  

These are my go-to books for my little garden.  I am constantly flipping through them, taking a few notes.  I was reading and relaxing while the hubby did P90X.  He tries to convince me to join him.  I probably should.  But this just looks more fun.  He's taking care of the fitness part.  I'm trying to take care of the food part, so put us together, and we're the total package. Ha! ;)  

This picture pretty much sums up the week.  They are drawing with chalk on the porch, but they are not together and not even facing one another.  I don't know if they're just tired of each other or what, be they have been fussing so much lately.  And then I get frustrated.  We've been some grumpy girls this week, but thankfully, they manage to get it together and work things out by bedtime.  Which is really good because they share a room ;)

I found them on the couch like this that same night.  My big girl reading to my baby girl.  I quietly snapped a few pictures because I certainly didn't want to interrupt.  It's kind of like when a newborn is finally asleep and you tip toe around.  I'm thinking, "shhhhhh, they're getting along, they're happy...whatever you do, don't break the peace!"  

I love this girl.  She tries to have patience with her baby sister.  I can talk to her and reason with her, and eventually she comes around.  When I took this picture she was in the middle of telling me she was a swan.  I told her she was a silly goose.  Her response, "I am NOT a goose, I am a swan.  Livi is a goose...she talks a lot and you can't understand what she's saying."  It was one of those moments that you have to capture so you don't forget.

And then our silly goose found her own goose:

Perfect ;)

But just so she knows, my big girl is silly, too.  I love that she acts silly with me.  It's one my favorites.  And so is her hair.  Those are her braids for our mustaches.  Her hair is so long and beautiful.  It can be a job to brush, though, especially when she likes to run and play in the wind with it whipping all around and not a bow in sight.  I tell her she's my very own Rapunzel.  When she was smaller and after we had seen the movie Tangled about 1,456,987 times, I would sing that song to her from the movie while I brushed her hair, and we would pretend her hair was glowing.  True story.

We spent more time outside this week lounging by the kiddie pool ;)  and eating ICEE pops.  

Because we're cool like that.

My favorite find this week:

So much chippy goodness!  I was so excited about these windows.  We went visiting our local Habitat for Humanity Restore.  {I didn't even know we had one until a few weeks ago.}  We were looking for materials for the chicken coop that will hopefully be part of our lives soon :)  I found these windows for $3, and home they came with us!

My most favorite pictures of the week:

My beautiful people.  The three loves of my life.  These are the precious moments that outshine and overcome the fussing and the fighting.  God is so awesome and good.  Oh, what showers of blessings He has poured upon my unworthy self ♥

And I am so deeply thankful for them all.

My favorite six year old quote of the week:

"Daddy, when I grow up, I'm going to marry a man just like you."

I hope you had a wonderful week!  Thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. Those windows are right up my alley too! LOVE!

    1. Aren't they beautiful!!! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I so enjoy following your beautiful photography on Instagram and then reading your thoughts and heart behind the photos here. So fun. You have so much love, such a good momma, such sweet girlies. ......But,... what's wrong with leaving the house in pjs and slippers? ;) Have a great week, friend! xoxo

    1. Bahahaha!!! LOL!!! I guess we could leave the house like that...we just haven't. Maybe next time ;) Thank you so much for your sweet comments!!! I enjoy following you and your family, too!! :) Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend!!

  3. I just found your blog from instafriday and will be following for sure. Your girls are gorgeous!!! And, I can so relate to weeks like that with the kids. Mine are similar except that they're boy & girl. So much sweetness. And, LOVE that quote.