Monday, June 10, 2013

How Our Garden Grows & a DIY Garden Sign

My big girl had been asking for days when we could pick radishes.  She had planted those seeds herself and could see the little red bulbs peeking up through the dirt.  

This picture says it all.  This is just as much their garden as it is mine.  From planting the first seed, to digging the boxes, to daily watering, these girls have been by my side every step of the way.  It seems that our plants are taking their own sweet time, but I try to remember that we started these little things from seeds, and we had kind of a late start because I kept waiting for our temps to warm up.  Our harvest may be a little late, but we are thrilled with it none the less!

I also picked up a few herb plants to add to our garden.  They are so beautiful and green!

The cucumber plants are really growing!

And I am just a little fascinated by their vines.  One morning I walk out and the vines are sticking out, reaching, searching...and the next morning they have found an anchor and wrapped firmly around it!  I love all of the little details.  There are so many awesome things that go on in a garden, and I feel like a kid taking it all in!

Some days can be a little disheartening, though.  We have gotten lots of rain in the last few days, and our poor garden has taken a beating.  There are also a few unwelcome pests who have decided to enjoy our leafy greens.  But we've seen some sunshine, and I'm trying to work on those pests (organically).  Every day there's something new going on, so we take the good with the bad and keep enjoying the journey :)

Our DIY "Happy Foods" Garden Sign

I think I read somewhere that every great garden needs a sign...or perhaps I made it up in my head.  Either way, we needed a reason to use up an old piece of leftover pallet wood and paint it a fun, bright color.  We had the leftover wood hanging around, but I didn't figure out what to do with it until I saw this lovely garden sign:
After my big girl named our garden the "Happy Foods" Garden, I knew we needed to do this!

We painted the wood yellow.  It was an oil-based, exterior paint.  The hubby had already drilled holes in it for some reason, so that was convenient :)

We gathered lots of different sized twigs.  I even looked for curved ones for some of the letters.  

I spelled the words out first, before gluing anything into place.  I wanted to make sure the twigs all fit together and that the phrase was centered.  After each twig was in place, I started gluing with wood glue.  I used several different heavy objects to hold the twigs in place while the glue dried.   

After letting the glue dry completely, our bright sign was ready to join the garden.  

It really was so simple!  We're not exactly sure where to hang it, but for now, it has a home, and we love it!

A little gardening humor:

Me: I have a composting joke, wanna hear it?
Hubby:  Go ahead.
Me:  My compost pile is a mess.  I can’t say a hot mess because if it were hot, it would be doing it’s job.  Bahahaha.
Hubby:  Where did you hear that?
Me: I totally just made it up.
Hubby:  You’re a goofy nerd ;)

(He loves my goofiness.)

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Do you have a garden?  How's it growing?
Thanks for reading along! ~ Have a beautiful day :)

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  1. LOL!!! Love it! ... and your joke! :-)

  2. Nice series of shots...tells the story well.

  3. LOVE IT!!!! I love the joy on the kids faces with the produce....and the sign is AWESOME!!! And the joke.....BAAAAA-HAHAHAHAAHA!!!

  4. It looks like your daughters will share your love for gardening. That would be great, as you would have plenty of help growing those radishes and other veggies. Plus, it truly feels wonderful to do something you are passionate about with your family.

    Richard Zimmer @ Tapestry, NJ