Monday, May 20, 2013

Adventures in Gardening ~ Part 3

See how our garden began with these earlier posts:

We finally planted our seedlings!  After raising them in our dining room windowsill, checking on them each day, and even singing them a few songs, we finally got them in the ground!  We also planted other seeds, such as carrots, radishes, lettuce, beans, and cucumbers.  

Honestly, I bought three different gardening books this year in hopes of actually having a successful garden.  I would love nothing more than to grow a good portion of the food we eat (at least during the summer months).  I was going to plot and plan, and everything was going to be perfect.  Except, I had two little helpers with adorable little hands who wanted to be in the middle of everything (literally).  I kind of had an epiphany as I was working to dig a perfect spot for a certain seed when excited, adventurous little girls with their own plastic shovels started digging away beside me.  Sometimes, as mom, I just have to throw out the rule book.  I want them to remember these moments as enjoyable and unforgettable.  I want them to feel as if this is their garden, too.  So...I gave them their own spots and their own seeds and let them dig right in!  

This one is still in her pajama pants.  Perhaps that helps...

And not so surprisingly, we have all kinds of beautiful things popping up!  
My little green-thumbed girls :)  

So, we are by no means master gardeners.  This is not a tutorial, and we will not be writing a "How To" book anytime soon.  But these are memories, good times, and perhaps, eventually, our own homegrown foods :)

Do you have a garden?  How's it coming along?

~ Happy Growing :) ~

Covered in Grace


  1. Love it and can't wait to be eating Ali and Livi's FRESH Veggies this summer! LOL :-)

  2. Ohhh - isn't it so much fun??? Mine is coming along well - I hope. :) We have yet to see blooms, but we have a very, very late spring.