Sunday, April 28, 2013

Adventures in Gardening ~ Part 2

{To see where we began, read Adventures in Gardening ~ Part 1}

A lot has happened since we began our little gardening adventure...however, none of it actually involves getting plants in the ground.  It’s a work in progress for sure.  

I would just like to point out, that I think these are the cutest plant markers ever.  

We planted our little seeds and have a few seedlings popping up much to our excitement.  We used paper cups filled with organic seed starting mix. Some cups have one little sprout while others have about 20.  That's what happens when cute, squishy little hands help plant seeds.  The tiny seeds also enjoyed a few songs to help them grow.  “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” was a particular favorite.

The challenges our little seedlings face include lack of sunlight.  I have them in the sunniest spot in our house, but as they grow and reach towards the window, I worry that it’s not enough.  I do feel like a mother hen with these things...except they're not chicks, so I don’t know what that would make me.  Mother plant.  Mother vegetable.  Mother gardener...  Anyways, in an effort to give them more sunlight, I am trying to set them outside on warm, sunny days.  We did this yesterday, and they seemed to love it!  Never mind the slight bump when I ran their tray into the door frame.  Best. Mother Gardener. Ever.

The highlight of my gardening adventures so far (insert sarcasm here) is my first encounter with a snake in one of our garden beds.  I prefer not to kill things. Unless it’s in my house.  Then it’s gloves off...well, gloves on in that case.  So, I’m outside raking the bed, turning the soil, enjoying the afternoon sunshine, and something slithers through the dirt.  I think I screamed.  At first, I actually wasn’t sure if it was just a super huge earthworm or a snake, but I didn’t want to get close enough to find out.  I just wanted to get it out.  In a show of good faith, I simply attempted to rake the snake out of the bed and into the woods.  That thing coiled around the end of my rake, and I thought I might die.  Not really.  But this is usually the kind of thing I leave to my husband.  It wouldn’t let loose.  I shook that rake, waved it in the air, slammed it on the ground, hit it on a rock...all that critter had to do was let go...I think he was probably as terrified as I was.  In the end, I got him off...not really the way I preferred to...but he’s gone.  

Now, I’m just waiting for the weather to warm up and our seedlings to grow a little more, and into the ground they’ll go!  

What about you?  Have anything good growing?
Happy Gardening :)

Covered in Grace


  1. Yikes! I would have freaked out with that snake :) Our seedling are growing as well but not in the ground yet either....can't wait for fresh crop!

    God bless your gardening adventure!

    1. I always love your comments Krista!! :) Thanks so much!! I love growing things and watching them sprout up...I just hope we have a little more success this year...and no more snakes! ;)

  2. Well, the snake would have definitely finished me off....Hubby and I have been busy planting our bedding plants and pot plants today. Now to sit back and watch them grow and blossom! Happy week!

  3. Our seedlings ended up in the trash today when 1) I was gone for 2 days to pick up our oldest from my in-laws. and 2) our cat thought it was her bed (note - paper cups with dirt and she confused that for a "bed" I'll never know) - and when I opened the door the other morning, guilt got the better of him and he over turned the whole box as he bolted from that box like lightening. :( I'm NOT happy. But at least I was able to plant some seeds in our garden - and seedlings that my m-i-l successful grew.