Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Adventures in Gardening ~ Part 1

I come from a family of farmers.  My mom gardens, my dad farms, my uncles farm, some of my grandparents and great-grandparents either farmed or grew overflowing gardens.  It's in my blood people!  And each spring I peruse gardening books and explore aisles and aisles of plants and seeds...and come up totally short of my gardening goals.  I have faith in this year :)  I'm thinking that maybe if I attempt to write and post updates about it, I'm certain to stick with it and have success, right?  One can only hope.

This is our backyard.  We own a small home on about a half an acre which sits in the midst of trees and fields (I totally love that).  There are fruit trees to the left (apple & peach) which were lovingly planted by the couple who owned our home previously.  The pink blossoms are just lovely this time of year.  I like to call it our orchard.  If four trees can count as an orchard ;)

I've been eyeing the prettiest images of "potager" gardens on pinterest.  I am certain that one day I would love to have one.  So, this is where we begin our journey.  One raised bed at a time.  

The awesome hubby/daddy used his fabulous skills to build the boxes for our garden.  And some short time later, after watching my futile attempts at digging (and probably chuckling to himself), he dug the ground.  He's the best!

This little garden is our new project.  The girls already love being outside and digging in dirt, and I'm hoping we can grow some of our own foods together.  They were so excited about our project...but I think it had something to do with all of the earthworms they found.  Earthworms are great fun and so good for the soil.

After we the hubby dug our beds, we added garden soil.  

I asked my big girl what she wanted to name our little garden.  "Happy Foods Garden" it is!  And I don't think we will be the only ones enjoying our happy food.  We don't even have plants growing yet, and I have counted four deer grazing in our backyard since we built our boxes. 

In my mind, I have super big plans for our little garden area.  I told my husband I wanted to build a trellis for growing blackberries.  He gave me this look and said, "You mean like the one I dug up when we first moved here." ...Ummmm...yes, that would be correct.  I am also trying to convince him that we need a few chickens in our life.  
He's still not buying it...but I am not giving up ;)  
Here's to our little home on the tiny range and our new Happy Foods Garden!

~ Have a beautiful day ~


  1. I'm sure your Happy Foods Garden will make the deer very happy, your husband, not so much. Sounds like lots of work ahead for him.

  2. I cant wait to see what you grow!! I'm not sure how much of a garden I will get to plant this year because of some exterior home improvements we are doing...but my parents always had a huge garden as well and I am so excited for the day I can do the same. Fresh fruits and veggies are the best :) Good Luck!!

  3. We are such kindred souls :) I grew up in the country and wish so bad I could get back to that life...dreaming of a few chickens myself ;) We have a garden too...it is so rewarding to grow your own food and I think it is especially good for the kiddos.

    Enjoy your project! "Happy Foods" will come for sure!

  4. :-) ... and don't forget ... TALK to your plants Every Day! :-) LOL
    I actually read an article today about how to keep deer out of your garden! Remind me to show it to you!
    Love you!

  5. And, this is what life is truly made of, happy food and sharing such special times with family. Loved this!

  6. Amanda, your pictures always lighten up my day!