Sunday, March 24, 2013

Warm Days & Happy Hearts

Prior to the last few days, we have been teased and tempted with bright sunshine and warm temperatures.  After the long, dark, cold winter months, warmth draws us outside with delight and our bare skin yearns for the rays of the sun as we soak up goodness and feel our spirits rise.  

My big girl and I  took advantage of the lovely days and did a little exploring around our family farm.  I have been surrounded my entire life by hard working people who love and work the land.  Farming is difficult, laborious, and not for the faint hearted.  There is no off season.  I have watched my dad carry the burdens of it.  It is a life he loves.  It is a heritage for which I am thankful.  

I have always loved growing up on a farm.  I love wide open spaces, freedom to explore, and  the peace of it all.  I always wanted my children to grow up like I did.  Roaming through fields, fishing in ponds, scooping tadpoles into jars and keeping them until they grew into frogs.  I cherish it all...but I sometimes forget how dirty it can be.  What is it about kids and mud?  or dogs and mud?  

No amount of begging could convince me that my girl needed to plow right through this mud hole.  She was determined to try...but I had a little more control of her than I did the dog ;)  

I just adore the old equipment and barns.

I love seeing life come back again...

And then, there's today...sleet, snow, freezing temperatures.  I'm not even kidding...sigh.  
But I am hanging on for warmer days ahead :)

Happy Spring!
Have a great week!

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  1. these pictures are beautiful! our weather's been very fickle as well. spring will be here before too long! :)

  2. Yes, they are beautiful and...calming!

  3. Those are very beautiful pictures! I just love barns and farms and cabins, anything that looks like you can stand outside for hours and never get bored becuase of the view!

  4. Your photography is my favorite! I love your creativity and your editing. Thinking of you and prayers for you friend

  5. Oh, my goodness you live in such a beautiful place! (And with a ton of photo ops and backgrounds!)Our little hint of Spring was just a tease as well...we're back into the 40's. I'm hopeful for warmer temps next week when we're on Spring break though!
    Enjoy one more cup of cocoa and snuggles while you can I guess :-)

  6. I love the way you write! Farm life is part of me too and I will always love it. The character of the tractors and barns is so mesmerizing. The freedom to be found in the wide open spaces calls to me here in the suburbs....sigh. Lovely photographs Amanda!