Sunday, February 24, 2013

Throwing Pots

First of all, I love that phrase "throwing pots."  I mean, my kids throw toys, so why can't a mom throw pots.  Except sometimes, it means something completely different. 
My mom has been taking pottery classes for a few months and decided to bring me along for one of her learning adventures.  This girl had never touched a pottery wheel.  I had no clue.  But by the end of the day, I had learned to throw my own pots, gotten really messy, and had such an awesome experience.  No kidding, when I went to bed that night, I was working clay in my sleep!

The hubby spent the day with the girlies, Paw Paw provided breakfast, and mom and I hit the road.  Destination:  Michéle Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery ~ Seagrove, NC.  
Have you been? 

 It is the quaintest, most adorable place!  It exudes warmth and coziness and begs you to come in and stay awhile.  I seriously wanted to move right in! :)  

Twinkle lights, log cabins, wood stoves, a brick floor, shelves and shelves of pottery...I seriously would have been happy just to look around all day and not even touch a piece of clay!

But we were there to learn and work.  My mom had signed us up for one of Jeff's all day instructional classes...which was a great thing for me.  I needed lots of instruction.  Jeff provided us with demonstrations and techniques.  I tried to soak it all in...and took a few pictures.  

Then it was our turn. 

 Jeff came around and provided instruction and assistance while we worked.  

I was just a little intimidated.  I was afraid my clay was going to fly off the wheel and across the room like some Julia Roberts~Pretty Woman scene.  No worries, though, all clay stayed on my slowly turning wheel...well, except for the clay all over my hands, my apron, and at one point my head :)  But as Jeff said, it's clean dirt.  It washes right off!

Michéle provided the most amazing soup and homemade bread for lunch...on handmade pottery.  {I totally should've gotten the recipe, but I'm a terrible cook, so I would probably mess it all up.}  

There was more instruction and creating after that delicious lunch.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the process and now better understand my mom's love for this art.  I realized at one point, that all I was thinking about was the clay in my hands.  I wasn't stressing about different things I needed to do or worrying about this and that.  I was relaxed and covered in clay.  Mom called it our very own spa day...of sorts ;)

I made a few pots of my own...
{Some got a little wonky, and a few broke in half, but it was such a fun learning experience!}

And my little mug!

Dear Michéle and Jeff, it was such a pleasure to meet you and spend the day at your studio.  I just adore your home and your work.  Thank you for welcoming us with such kindness and warmth and teaching us so much!  It was an awesome opportunity!  :)

Many thanks,

P.S.  If you're ever near Seagrove, you should definitely stop by and see Jeff & Michéle!  Get to know them a little more and see pictures of their work over at Michéle's blog: and their website:

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  1. Oh, I've always thought that throwing pottery would be such fun but I've never tried it. Guess I need to put that on my "bucket list" and I'd better hurry. Cute post!

  2. And Oh what a FUN DAy it was! I'm so glad I (dragged)/took you with me and I'm so glad that you had as much fun as I did! I LOVED sharing my new passion with you!
    And yes, lunch was absolutely amazing! Thank you Michelle! :-)
    Love you and I can't wait for another one of our "Spa" days! Next time we will (drag)/take Shorty with us! :-) LOL!

  3. That looks like so much fun!!! I wonder if there is any place like that near me?

  4. Hi Amanda,
    What a lovely post. Your photos are beautiful as is your blog. You are obviously very talented with a camera and writing. Jeff and I are glad that you and your Mom had a fun day. We like to keep spreading the pottery love!
    Be well,

  5. That's awesome and looks like so much fun!!!

  6. I LOVE making pottery, though I haven't done it since highschool! I went to Seagrove when I lived in NC, such a wonderful air about the town and so much creativity! What a wonderful experience to get to learn from one of them :)

    Looks like a really great time!