Monday, December 17, 2012

Love and the Little Moments

 “Cruelty and wrong are not the greatest forces in the world. There is nothing eternal in them. Only love is eternal.” 
― Elisabeth Elliot

My heart continues to hurt and break for the families, the rescue workers, the community whose lives were shattered and turned upside down last Friday.  I spent this past weekend holding my loved ones closer, soaking up ever second, and praying hard for people I have never known.  Every second that I am on this earth and with my loved ones, I thank the Lord.  It is a blessing and a treasure.  We are not guaranteed the next minute, the next day, the next week.  We have to cherish deeper, hold on tighter, and love stronger.  We have to trust in the Lord, walk by faith, and be thankful for every moment.  

Moments with little girls who grow up much too quickly and share their cheesy little grins

Moments and lunch dates with Paw Paw and Biggi

Moments in the early mornings with my big girl before Christmas caroling 

 Moments at home and Saturday morning "camp outs" and lazy days just being together

Moments with a silly girl and her crazy hair

Moments with a baby girl who likes to make us laugh 

Every moment with the three loves of my life and our trips out and about...despite our empty pockets afterwards  

Yes, I am so thankful for every moment.  I am also thankful for the greatest gift of love, Jesus, and that there is still good in this fallen world.  We have to focus on the hope and the Light.  We have to hold on to the good.  Have a  blessed day!

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  1. adorable pictures. <3 thanks for sharing some of your treasured moments