Thursday, December 13, 2012

December Realizations & Ramblings

Embracing the camera with my big, silly girl and sharing a few things I've learned and 
conversations with my crew this week.

1.  The outcome of having my two and five year old clean their room is actually much worse than if I had just gone in there and done it myself.

 2.  I absolutely cannot wrap Christmas presents.  I have decided to let folks believe that my girls wrapped the presents.  It’s totally believable.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  

3.  I am a complete sucker for a good argument:
Me:  "Don’t do that."
My big girl:  “Why not?  It’s Christmas, and you can do whatever you want at Christmas.”
Me:  "You’re actually supposed to be on your best behavior at Christmas."
My big girl:  “Well, this is fun.  Christmas isn’t just a big blob of no fun.”
Me:   "...Fine." {She kinda has a point.}

 4.  Children and parents have very different view points about bed time.
My first born: “Oh great, it’s time to go night night, the worst part of my life.”  
Me: “It’s actually one of the best parts of my life.” ;)

5.  The Charlie Brown Christmas movie is way too short.  It needs to go on for another hour or so.  Just sayin’
6.  The love of my life is forever correcting me.
Me: “I live in a den of slobs.”
      Hubby:  “It’s actually called a den of thieves...and I live in a den of estrogen.”

7.  Baby sisters are so misunderstood.  
My big girl to her baby sissy (who just happened to be standing directly in front of the television): “You’re not going to get anything for Christmas because you’re ugly.”
8.  My big girl doesn't really appreciate my gift of singing (or total lack thereof).  
Me: (After a lovely rendition of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” along with the radio) “Do you like mommy’s singing?"
       My big girl (with her hands placed firmly over her little ears):  “NO! It hurts my ears.”
Thanks for the love.

9.  My house is a disaster right now.  There are no presents under the tree because they’re piled on top of a desk and dressers in a futile attempt to keep little hands off of them.  I just want to say, to anyone who may visit our home in the next 18 years, excuse the mess because we are living, breathing, playing, growing...and most of the time, it’s not a very clean business. ;)

10.  Despite the chaos, the mess, the traffic, the cold, I still LOVE Christmas!  Because it's not about all that other stuff, it's about Jesus ♥ Merry, Merry CHRISTmas to you and your families!  Embrace, enjoy, and hold on to every moment!

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  1. You sweet thing! Sounds like you and I have similar convos. in our home :) Your first post about the outcome of your kids cleaning their room being worse than if you had done it yourself seems to be my re-occuring thought after I have kindly asked my son to CLEAN UP HIS ROOM!!!!

    1. The cleaning the room thing happens so many times...and every time I wonder why I just didn't do it myself! The aftermath of their latest cleaning spree is still in their room. I haven't had the courage or energy to tackle it yet. I think I just need to open a trash bag and go to town ;) Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. hahahaha.. I loved this SO much!! Girlfriend, I have one baby and my home is a mess so much of the time, so don't you fret! No matter how much I clean, things just get totally wrecked in 5 minutes flat. I love your husband's estrogen statement. LOL. Sounds like something my husband would say. . . and your girl's "going to bed is the worst part of my life" theory is hilarious. That just goes to show how blessed she is! She thinks going to bed is the worst thing that can happen to her... Sweet innocence! =) I truly enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing and thank you for linking up!

    1. Thanks Becky!! :) Yes, our house is always a mess...I don't even know sometimes why I try...but I do ;) I honestly don't know how two cute little girls cause so much mayhem. And my husband is so funny...I told him he didn't know anything yet, just wait until the girls are teenagers!! Thanks so much for the sweet comments and for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

  3. I am so with you on #2. And a card with the gift? Forget about it. My husband and son totally relate to #6 with the odds in our house 5 to 2. And #7 made me snort out loud :-)

  4. ha ha, #1, #4, #9 and #10, so with you on all of those!! Sweet picture of you and your daughter :)

  5. sweet pictures and memories! Hey, I don't have a single present wrapped yet! You're super on the ball. :)

    1. I get one present wrapped a day...and then I have to find somewhere safe to put it. It's a beautiful mess ;)

  6. hahahahahah! YES! and more yeses! And also, I think I love you.

  7. This is ABSOLUTELY adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your "life" with us! And for linking up, too! You've given me a GREAT laugh and that is always a welcome thing! Blessings!

    1. Thanks so much Mindy!! :) And thanks for the link-up party! I'm glad I made you laugh, one of my goals is to make people smile :) Have a great weekend!!