Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can We Just Sing Songs?

Tis the season! 
For celebrating the birth of Jesus,
Watching hours of Christmas movies,
Drinking gallons lots of coffee,
Spending time with family,
Eating warm, soft cookies (and other sugary delights) right out of the oven,
Curling up under soft blankets,
Making lists and checking them twice,
Remembering it is better to give,
Online shopping,
Gift wrapping,
Visiting a certain bearded man and his lovely wife,

Decorating the tree,
Protecting breakable ornaments from little two year old hands,
Leaving the bottom of the tree bare because of those little hands,

Putting red ribbons on firetrucks,
Dressing up in cute dresses and taking silly pretty pictures,

Being true to ourselves,

Smiling big and saying cheeeeeese,

Lacking attention spans,

Having fun,
Trying to get along and be good because they really want presents,

Dressing up as angels (because they really ARE angels...sometimes),
Waving to the crowd during the Christmas parade, 

And singing lots and lots of Christmas songs...

{You know, like in the movie Elf when he's in the store, and he's "SINGING!!!!"  I love that part...I love that movie.} 

My big girl loves to sing songs.  Especially when her daddy gets all serious on her and tries to explain the difference between smoke and steam and the three states of matter.  She tilts her head to one side and politely asks, "Daddy, can we just sing songs?"  I decided that would be my response in the future whenever I didn't feel like discussing anything...or thinking at all.  "Can we just sing songs?"  That should work, right?! ;)
Hope you and your family are having a wonderful start to the Christmas season!

Apples of Gold


  1. Love that response! We should all adopt that one ;) Such adorable pictures, love their Christmas dresses!

    1. We did, too!! We laughed and laughed :) That is definitely my plan from now on! ;)

  2. Do you put cocoa in your coffee? I am just curious.

    1. I don't use cocoa...just lots of cream and sugar ;)

  3. what sweet girls and what beautiful pictures!!