Friday, November 16, 2012

Cold Weather & Cute Hats

My Insta-Friday Favorite Things post is a little short on pictures this week.  Shocking, right?  It's totally not normal.  Anyways, I've been in some kind of funky moods, so that could be part of it.  (Moms are allowed to have those, I'm certain.)  But I did grab a few pics of my favorite girls.  {And it occurred to me that 99.5 percent of the photos on this blog are from my phone, so every day is an Insta-kinda day! ;)}

This shirt is pretty much the most perfect shirt.  Ever.  This is how I feel most some days.  
Biggi, you're the best.

With colder weather comes cute hats.  And with cute hats come silly photos.  
We are who we are.  My big girl said so, "If you're your own person, you can be whoever you want."  You can quote her.  

The hat went everywhere this week.  It was so cute on her little head.  (She's not crying or pitching a fit surprisingly, she's actually just wrinkling up her little nose and saying cheeeeeeese.  I just wanted to clarify that.  If she's not ACTUALLY in the middle of a tantrum, I want to give her credit for that.  Also, I am aware that there is a "ba-ba" still attached to her two-year old self.  That is all.  No excuses.  
Just wanted folks to know I am aware.)

This.  This is exactly why I am rushing out the door at the last minute, almost late for work, etc.  Mornings with these two refuse to be rushed.  I mean, sometimes, country sausage and adorable faces trump things like getting dressed for work.  Just sayin'.  

Biggi sent this picture from the nursing home.  More time hanging out with Papa Z.  If this doesn't just warm your heart... 

And then the little girl in the purple hat crashed.  This is my favorite look.  She fell asleep on the 10 minute ride home, and I honestly sat in the truck for some time and let her sleep.  Because she's a Miss Cranky Pants when she's running low on her beauty/good girl sleep.  On a serious note, when I sit and watch her sleep...I think about everything that I want for our girls, everything I pray for them.  I think about the state of the country and the world.  My heart splits in half.  I look around and see so much to be depressed about, but when I look at them, I see so much for which to live and hope.  

Our afternoon walks have turned colder.  We have to wear a few more layers now, but it's still nice to be outside for a bit.  It is imperative to soak up a few rays of sunshine, to breathe fresh air, and to enjoy the quiet.  I just have to unplug from the world and turn my heart to Him.  

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and counting my blessings, I would just like to say that I am extra thankful and praise the Lord for another beautiful and blessed week with my loves.  
I also decided to ask my big girl what she was thankful for and this was her list:  Mommy, Daddy, Charlie, Biggi, Livi, River, Jake, horses, donkeys, Jesus, and God...and candy...and Paw Paw and Papa Z because I pray for him to feel better.  The end.  

Hope you had a great week! :)

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  1. absolutely precious! beautiful photos too!

  2. The call 1-800-grandma T-shirt is so awesome! Perfect, love it!

    I'm glad to be getting to know your sweet little family ;)