Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bouncing Back & Spreading Cheer

My weekend roundup consists of prescriptions, soup, and movies.  I wrote the other day about how sick and contaminated our little household was, and (I think) we're finally on the mend.  I don't times it's questionable for me and the hubby, but the girls are bouncing off the walls.  Maybe it's because we've been stuck in the house for the last few days or maybe it's because they're young and resilient and we're old not so young.  We've spent a lot of time snuggling, cuddling, and enjoying our favorite blankies.

I hate it when they're under the weather.  I've been praying that they feel better soon.  

They were definitely better today than they have been.  They were having their own concert at one point and playing hide and seek with daddy.  

This was one of their hiding spots.  I love it.  They were really hard to find.  All kinds of silliness bottled up in two adorable little girls.  

Totally random but funny story about hide and seek with my big girl.  When she first started counting the higher numbers, she had to count to 100 for hide and seek (and our house isn't that big).  Seriously, I had time to do a few dishes, play on Facebook, fold some laundry, and then, when she reached 90 or so, go find my hiding spot.  It was the cutest thing to listen to her count that high, but we finally convinced her that 20 was probably high enough for our little game.  ;)

I watched several of my favorite Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.  Yep, this is where I spent most of the weekend...

That's Carla Gugino on the little screen in A Season for Miracles. And that's my favorite coffee blanket handmade by yours truly and my beautiful mom.  I really love that movie and that blanket.  

Can I just say that Thanksgiving and Christmas are my MOST favorite holidays (but not in that order).  I was even more excited today when someone special started playing Christmas music from his playlist.  Totally not naming names, but there is only one guy living under our roof.  He's my favorite.

Anyways, I feel like my mind is all over the place.  Not sure if it's the medicine or lack of a decent night's sleep, but jumping on to the next thing popping up in my head.  I am going to attempt the Happy Day Project this week with Jeanett at Life Rearranged!  Have you heard of it?

happy day

She writes, "we’d like to take a moment to slow down and love on others.  Spread some sunshine.  Make someone’s day just a little bit happier."  

And I'm super excited.  I mean, I'm not always the best at finishing something I start (have you met me?) but this is such a great thing.  I am going to try really hard to follow through with it...and have two little girlies by my side.  

Praying for a healthy, happy, beautiful week and thanking the Lord for so many blessings!  
Hope you have a great one :)

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  1. seems like a lot of sicknesss is going around :( Glad you are all feeling better!

  2. I'm so glad that ALL of my Babies are starting to feel better! And yes ... bring on the Christmas music and Christmas movies! :-) You ARE my Child ... my Favorites too!!! Love you!

    1. I most certainly am!!! :) Love you, too!!!

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from the Monday-Link-Up with Covered in Grace.

    I love the hiding place in the basket. Kids are so funny! My kids pick the same spot EVERY time we play these games - under someone's bed. And then you can just follow the giggles right up the stairs!

    Have you tried playing Sardines as a family? That's a really fun game to play! Even with the little ones! Although we sometimes partner up with the kids because we like to play in the dark - which can be spooky.

    1. Hi Jess!! :) Thanks so much for stopping by!! My girls hide under the bed, too, and you're right, usually it's SO easy to find them because of the giggling. It's the cutest thing!! I'll have to check out Sardines, the girls love all kinds of games!! Thanks again and have a great day :)

  4. I'm glad you all are feeling better! I admit I started playing Christmas music too, I used to get so mad when people did it before Thanksgiving but the season goes by so fast, why not :)

  5. I love Christmas music too! Hope you and your family are feeling better! Good thoughts your way! :)

  6. Hope you start feeling better! I love Hallmark Christmas movies ;)

    Now following you back via GFC! Excited to read more.



  7. Loved that hide and seek story! Very, very cute!!! I am glad you are all on the mend - there is nothing worse than the sickies. Thanks for linking up!