Thursday, November 29, 2012

Being Real & Embracing Thanksliving

November has been a month of overflowing thanks.  Everywhere, folks are listing things for which they are thankful.  I try so hard to be thankful each and every day for the countless blessings God has shared with me.  November can come and go, but my thanks will continue to flow.  Without a doubt, the gift for which I am most thankful is the precious, saving blood of Jesus.  The perfect gift.  The greatest love.  

I am thankful for my family and friends and every precious moment with them.  

I am thankful for the dry roof over our heads, our place we call home.  Our house is small and humble, but it's warm and cozy.  It is always needing repairs, but the Lord has blessed my husband with the knowledge and skills to do those himself. 

I am thankful for the little things.  I hate REALLY dislike Mondays and early mornings and having to race around like a crazy person dragging my two girls out into the cold...but when my big girl hands me a picture like this on our way to the truck, she helps me start the day with a smile.  I am thankful for these priceless little cards.

I am thankful for our big girl.  She doesn't like to listen, she's impossible to get up in the mornings.  She whines and drags herself around in the floor at times, but she is so smart and beautiful.  She has a heart of gold and corrects me when I say things like hate or stupid (see, I have my moments...and I should totally not say those words).  She sings along to the radio at the top of her lungs, and it's the best. 

She makes cards to make me smile.  She yearns for praise and hugs and kisses.  She is a cuddler and a snuggler.  She looks like her daddy, and I love that.  

I am thankful for the munchkin.  Some days, I have no words.  She bites and hits and cries.  She gets cranky (she probably gets that from me) and throws tantrums (she totally gets that from me), but she is our baby.  And she is silly, a total clown.  She plays dress up and twirls like a ballerina.  She gives hugs and kisses and even licks when she's pretending to be a puppy.  She has dimples, and her little grin is adorable.  I am so thankful for this angel even though her halo gets a little crooked at times, and she stomps potato chips in the middle of the floor.

I am thankful for every minute that God blesses me on this earth with my loved ones.  But, I'm human.  It's not always rainbows and picture perfection.  I get tired, down, frustrated, unsatisfied...etc., etc.  Some days I feel as if I have one of those little rain clouds floating above me.  I have those fleeting moments when I want to throw up my hands.  But then, I hear my girls giggle, or I get one of these adorable handmade cards, or little arms wrap around my neck, and those moments quickly pass.  
I realize just how blessed I am and how deeply thankful I am for every moment.  
I find my way back to "Thanksliving" :)  

I am also thankful for hot coffee, sweet tea, warm blankets, blue jeans, country living, laughing until I cry, good books, vacations, online shopping, Instagram...I could just go on all night ;)

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sweet, Simple Saturday ~ From the Beach

Thank you Lord, for leading me, holding me, shielding me, and loving me.  
My cups runneth over, and I am so unworthy.

Hope you and yours had a blessed and beautiful holiday of thanks!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving by the Seashore

We spend our family Thanksgivings at the beach.  My Dad farms through the summer, so we vacation in the off-season...and I have always loved that.  We are usually on the beach in boots and stocking hats, but we have a blast.  (And you can't beat eating Thanksgiving dinner while watching the waves.)

I shared my first round of favorite photos from our beach holiday in the post Salt Air in Our Hair, and I managed to take some of those with my "real camera" as the hubby calls it.  But more times than not, I am snapping photos with my phone.  So, below are more of my favorites taken through my iPhone and filtered through Instagram or Snapseed (sometimes both) for Insta-Friday.

I call this my Soda Counter Crew.  We had awesome burgers, fries, and shakes at this fun little diner.  I am so thankful for these three, my most treasured blessings.  

This is one of my favorite little towns.  I love the ships.  I feel that the hubby and I need one in our lives.  

And then we can just retire here.  I would totally be ok with that.  Maybe next week...

I love perusing little antique shops.  I could seriously stay all day.  But usually, I am pushing a two year a stroller, and she likes to clear shiny, pretty, breakable trinkets from the shelves at her eye level.  Perfect.  I did manage to grab this vintage wood crate.  I adore it.  I'm thinking I might keep books in it.  

This picture makes me laugh.  Yes, we are at the beach, and this is how we spend some of our time.  Oh, technology.

Those cute little boots didn't stay on those cute little feet once we hit the sand.  

I just love these little feeties.  

My little beach bum ;)

It was cloudy for a few days, but we finally saw the sunshine.  
There is nothing quite like being at the ocean.  

My dad and the munchkins.  I thank the Lord for these priceless moments.  

Trying to get them both to look at the camera at the same time is nearly impossible.  
Their hats are cute, though, so it's all good.

This one decided to pack herself.  I am most certainly not ready to pack.  It's been such a wonderful week.  Why do vacations go by so quickly?  Reality, I am not ready to return to you.  Just sayin'.

I hope you and yours had a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Salt Air in Our Hair

"At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment. 
We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun."
~ Sandy Gingras

It is something we look forward to all year long.  From the time we leave until we return again, our hearts yearn for the ocean.  It is our yearly destination and a family tradition.  My dad farms throughout the spring and summer, so we have always taken family vacations in the fall. We spend our Thanksgiving holiday by the seashore.  We give thanks for another year, each and every moment together, and showers of undeserved blessings.  Here are a few snapshots of our time together.  Playing in the sand, salt air in our hair, cold and cloudy, we didn't care.  

The vastness of the ocean just magnifies God's glory.  The sound of the waves, the slower pace, the fresh is refreshing, satisfying, and soothing to the soul.  I am thankful for many things, but this week, I am especially thankful for these precious moments and a chance to slow down and just enjoy the ones I love.  

I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hang On, Lola, Hang On

Weekends are the best.  They give this mommy time to hang out with my loves, catch up on laundry, schedule hair appointments, take road trips with my mom...all kinds of lovely stuff.  And I am so thankful!

 I had so much fun with the teal I put in my hair before, I decided to keep it.  My hairdresser {Krissi} is the best.  I told her she works magic.  I go in there with a random know, something like, "Help me look young and beautiful."  And because I can never ever get my hair to look like it does after she fixes it.  Does that happen to anyone else?

The color is so fun and refreshing.  Sometimes mommy needs that.  

I also need this squeezable, pint-size cuteness.  Look at those nails (painted by her Auntie) and that belly!  I die.

We hit the road with Biggi this weekend.  I love spending time with my mom.  I'm so thankful for every second.  But I hate traveling.  I mean, I REALLY dislike traveling.  (My big girl corrects me every time I use that word.)  Honestly, the girls travel better than I do...sigh.  And I don't even know what they're doing (boredom had set in) but they're so cute doing it.  

This is how I use my time wisely and beat the traveling blues.  (What on earth we did before cell phones and Instagram, I can't even remember.)

And I spent part of the trip consoling Lola and trying to convince her to stay attached to the window.  

Her suction cup no longer suctioned.  I don't know if it was just my delirious traveling state, but I thought a GPS attached to the window with shipping tape was the funniest thing.  

These random moments are the best.  Laughing out loud for little reason at all, surrounded by loved ones, and sporting blue hair.  Good times ;)  
Thank you Lord for these and so many other blessings!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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