Friday, October 19, 2012

This, That, & Cute Little Hats

Some of my favorite photos from our past week.

We spent some time outside enjoying the fall air and the afternoon sunshine.
To say that I adore these hats is an understatement. 

I melt.   

The little doggie hat came with us everywhere for a few days.  
These two crack me up.  Two adorable little peas in a very colorful pod.

They make me laugh...and they don't even try.  I was thinking today that the Lord must have known how stressed out and frustrated I would get as an adult, so he sent me these two girls with their larger-than-life personalities to be my relief.  My reason to play, laugh, smile, roll in the floor, let things go until later, and not take things so seriously.  
Oh, how I need that every single day.

Lollipops, sticky fingers, and pigtails are part of the deal.
 Those pigtails are probably one of my most favorite things.  
{A little secret that I will deny ever sharing: Her daddy did those. 
  True story.  He does a better job than me. 
And I'm totally ok with that.}

The munchkin went with Biggie to have her nails done and got a new coat 
of orange polish to match her Halloween shirt.  
Cutest. Nails. Ever.  No offense to all other nails, I'm just sayin. 

Then...because some days just call for a treat of this caliber of chocolatey goodness...

Notice anything about some of those freshly painted little nails...

Things don't stay on the munchkin long.  Bows, clothes, nail polish...

But she certainly loves a hat. ;) 

We have been enjoying the crispness of the days and the loveliness of all the colors around us.  Fall is such a rich and beautiful season.  Our afternoon walks continue even though evening comes much quicker now.  

{And Charlie Brown-Black got a haircut.}

Thankful for these blessings and hoping you had a great week! :)

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  1. Awwww .... LOVE Charlie Brown Black and my Girlies!!! :-)
    Love you!

  2. Your girls are seriously so. darn. cute.

    What are in the Starbucks cups? I gotta get some of that!

    Hope you have a good week!

  3. oh my word. your girls are ADORABLE! :) so glad I found your blog! :) following you now, from the covered in grace link up...have a FANTASTIC week!!!