Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Heart Melts Like a Marshmallow

Oh weekend, how I love thee!  Even though I leave little time to rest, weekends are still so fabulous...and totally necessary.  One of the greatest things for me to do is spend time with family.  To love, enjoy, and appreciate the people closest to me is such a blessing.  

We spent Friday evening with Pappy (a.k.a. Papa Z)  and a very large stuffed monkey.  After her initial shock, the munchkin thought the monkey was pretty awesome.  I thought they were both hilarious.  

I love the span of generations between these two and how this silly little girl makes him smile.

I remember telling Pappy once that I sure did love his children.  I am so touched by how much he loves mine. ♥

On Saturday, I was determined to put our little fire pit to use and to burn off the dust and cobwebs of summertime and welcome fall with a bright blaze (or small flame...whatever works).

Oh, hello my lovely little friend!  And what is a fire without s'mores?  Nothing, I tell ya, nothing at all.  Therefore...

This happened for sure.  Look at that girlie getting ready to dig in.  It's like a buffet of gooey goodness.

Daddy had to help...I love these moments.  My heart melts like those marshmallows. 

Deliciousness.  Happy Fall, ya'll!  (I'm southern, I just had to do that.)

The evening was therapeutic.  I am always running here, racing there, thinking about this, stressing about that.  For example, as I type this, I've taken a few breaks to clean up after a sick doggie, scrub the carpet, referee two girlies, and contemplate the best way to remove fresh pen marks from the back of the couch.  True story.

Very rarely do I take time to just sit.  To be still.   My husband jokes that I don't know how to relax.  Sitting in front of the warm fire on a cool night and looking up at the stars decorating a clear sky, I rested.  I was calm and warm.  I felt the God of the universe looking down upon us and felt the love and comfort of family surrounding me.  I realized I need more of this kind of reflect and recharge.  I think sometimes we get so busy taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves.  I see many more campfires in our near future...and of course more s'mores. 

"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
~ Matthew 11:28

Hope you had a wonderful, restful weekend! :)

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  1. Love how you captured the atmosphere on the first picture, it's just too pretty! Thanks a lot for sharing these personal moments. Have a great day xx

  2. Love all your pictures. So precious. I can tell you had a good weekend. Stopping by from Miscellany Monday.

  3. I love your pictures! They are beyond wonderful:)
    your weekend looks amazing, I wish it was cold enough here for fire and smores, I am beyond jealous!

    following from the hop!

  4. Love it! And it WAS such a FUN weekend! The visits with PapaZ, the campfire with s'mores and the relaxing that was involved with sitting around the fire looking up at the stars! Thanks for including Biggi and PaPaw!
    Love you!
    PS ... try the hand sanitizer on the pen marks! It works for permanent marker! I learned that from our experience with"Big Girl" drawing on the carpet with black permanent marker! :-) LOL

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  6. Sitting around the fireplace with s'mores is just about as perfect as it gets. Happy fall!

  7. Hi Amanda! Stopping over from Miscellany Monday link-up :)

    I can very much relate to your post. We love to have fire in our little pit and toast marshmallows too! Although your s'mores buffet is way cooler than our usual "marshmallows only" fires. I recently posted about finding rest in this crazy paced life I lead too. Gotta soak up those moments where you can just breathe and be thankful.

    Have a great day!