Friday, October 5, 2012

Girls Just Want to Have Fun & Be Themselves

Sharing my up close and personal, favorite filtered cell phone pics for another Insta-Friday.

There's just something about little ponytails on top of cute little heads.  I melt.

We've always said that if they weren't so cute, they'd get in a lot more trouble.  Sigh.

This little girlie came to visit me at school this week.

Ummm...let's just say my room will never be the same.  I also had a few marker tops that disappeared, but I'm sure I have no idea how.

If that's not the guiltiest, albeit cutest, little face.

I grabbed a few pics of the big girl, but her personalities this week included a butterfly and a kangaroo, so she was often a blur.  How about those socks?  She loves those things.  I love the little toes inside of them.  

She was "reading" to Charlie Brown-Black about God and hope...and the Wonderpets.  It was riveting and adorable.  Charlie was clearly into the story.

My big girl has been struggling with a few fears this week.  She doesn't like heights or deep water, so gymnastics and swimming lessons have presented a few challenges.  I asked her one day why she was so afraid.  After a few quiet moments, she replied, "I don't know...I guess that's just the way God made me."

And there it was.  At that moment, my five year old's wisdom was greater than mine.  I walked over and just hugged her.  Kids are sometimes good for putting us in our place.  I thought about that one little comment for days.  I know she is afraid now, but I want to teach her that she does not have to be afraid.  I want to encourage and challenge my girls but not push or demand.  I want to support and love them unconditionally.  The way that God loves us.  I want them to walk through life with the quiet, gentle confidence that the Lord is with them.    

I want them to be themselves and know that they are loved and never alone.  

I found this Irish Proverb on my desk calendar today, "You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was."  Perfect.  

My big girl may not be completely comfortable walking across a balance beam yet, and that's totally ok...because I probably wouldn't be either.

I hope you've had a wonderful week! :)
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  1. Beautiful! Love it!
    Love you and my Girlies sooooo much!

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I really enjoyed this post. I also have a daughter, and I've have had those teaching moments where I'm the one being taught.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog tonight.