Thursday, October 18, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Embrace the Camera Thursday

I cherish photos with my own mom, so I'm hoping one day these two crazy girls of mine will be thankful for these matter how bad I look or how silly we're acting.  Because this is just who we are and how we spend our days.  Ok, so we don't spend all of our days like this.  There is also much some fussing and fighting and tantrums and crying.  But it's all good because all around there seems to be sadness and suffering and tragedy.  Moments that make me see things a little differently, hold my babies just a little bit tighter, and praise God for His protection, His love, His mercy, 
and every second with my loves.  

I am so thankful for today.


  1. I think they will LOVE these photos of you all! There are only a couple of my mom and myself - and none that I know of when I was little. They will treasure them also, and be encouraged in their own times of trial.



  2. great pics! this is why i love Embrace the Camera day... I WANT my kids to have these photos to hold on to one day!!

  3. Visiting you from ETC, too... thanks for following my blog! I love yours as well! Glad to see another sister in Christ striving to be a good mama to her littles. Blessings on your weekend!