Thursday, September 6, 2012

Enjoy the Little Things

I just want to say a heartfelt thanks to each and every one who stops by to visit.  This blog is my little outlet and space to be myself, share my thoughts (and my family), and give thanks and praise to the Lord.  I try to dedicate my posts to encouragement, love, happiness, and faith.  Life is not always easy, and there are trying days, but we have to trust in the Lord, focus on the positive, and enjoy the little things!  

{And speaking of little things, here are some of my favorite moments from our week for another Insta-Friday and Favorite Things.}

How cute is this one?  Some days, I just don't know how I ever muster up the strength to leave my girlies.  Look at that little belly!  It makes me smile, and I just want to kiss it all over!

We spent Labor Day curled up on the couch together.  Those are really my favorite kind of days.  I get a little tired of the rat race and being on the go.  These little feeties fit perfectly in my lap.

Unfortunately, holidays have to end, and this is how mornings usually go around these parts...

The big girl is not a morning all.  It is a tag team effort to get this girl up and moving.  Her daddy goes a few rounds, then I jump in there, and we're usually dragging her up by her toes.  Sometimes, like this particular day, I just resort to dressing her in bed.  Methinks we have a long road ahead of us!

But it's all good because we have muffins...

And hot pink lipstick (or a hot pink crayon that works just as well).  You know, whatever it takes when mommy's not looking...

Once we get the big girl up and moving, though, she doesn't slow down.  She has always been in motion.  When I was pregnant with her she was constantly moving {that was such an amazing feeling}.  She is starting a few new adventures and is super excited!  Check out these goggles for swimming (with the protective film still in place)...

She wore them the rest of the afternoon...even into Target.  She is so silly and completely adorable!

She is participating in a "swim school" this fall.  There is a swim team at our local pool, but our pretty girl needs a lot little more experience.  Right now, we're working on getting into the pool, but don't worry, she had those goggles in place and ready (with the film removed). 

Maybe one day, she'll get to this...

Pretty awesome.  For now, we're taking baby steps...or baby strokes? 

And playing with pretty beads...

{Thanks Biggi!  Oh, and I'm so sorry for all of the beads that will forever be found in the carpet and corners of your house after my munchkin decided to set them free.}

We set ourselves free during our daily walks.  The girls run up and down the drive, and I let my mind go...

And the sun just begs for some attention...I love how the rays pour through the trees, and how that cutie thinks she's miss independent!

The peace was interrupted, however, when the hubby decided to enlist me {kicking and screaming} in his mini-boot camp on our carport.  I love that he wants us to get in shape together...I don't actually love the process.  I mean, I totally enjoy hanging out with him but would just prefer to sit in the swing and chit chat while he hammers out his reps.

Or take pictures instead of doing my own exercises.  He fusses and makes me get moving despite my whining and complaining and desire to just sit and drink iced coffee.  

Yeah...that pretty much sums up how I feel about the entire process...but I am kind of excited about the results.  And he's a cutie, so I think I will try to tough this one out...just don't expect any before pictures ;)  

Here's to another week.  Thank you sweet Lord for each and every moment with my loved ones!
I hope you've had a great week!
Amanda :)

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  1. LOVE!!! :-) ... and yes, we have been finding more beads every day ... even after I think there couldn't possibly be any more! LOL :-) Love them!!! :-)

    1. That's so funny!! ;) We love you, too!!!