Thursday, September 20, 2012

Insta-Fabulous Friday Favorite Things

One of my favorite posts each week.  Snapshots of special moments through the eye of my phone in all of their filtered, instagrammed fun.

This pretty girl is such a little artist.  She is always coloring and drawing and hanging up pictures.  She does a good job staying in the lines...or at least on the paper.

This one, not so much...not at all.  

Thank you Crayola for washable markers.

We took a little day trip with Biggi and Paw Paw.  We shopped around a little, and  I honestly don't know why I think we will ever leave a store without having to buy something.  We were supposed to be "looking," but this fun little book had hidden stickers in its center, and the munchkin found them before I did.  So, off to the checkout we go with our partially used 3D horse and pony book.  A fabulous read, really.

Apparently reading in 3D is the latest thing...who knew?

Look at her with her new book and little "coffee."  She is totally my child...until she's all cranky and needs a nap and is throwing her tiny little self in the floor.  Then she's totally her Daddy's child! ;)

I came home from our trip with a special new (to me) treasure.  It's an antique tobacco basket, and I'm in love with it.  My dad knew how much I wanted one and found this lovely gem.  He's awesome.  What's even better are his memories from his childhood.  These were not just pretty vintage decorations at that time.  They used these baskets for work.  I love his stories.  I don't care how old you are, there's just something about your dad telling you his childhood stories that makes you feel like a kid again.  

The hubby's pretty awesome, too.  I found this one morning on our chalkboard door after he left for work.  Some days, I just feel surrounded by awesomeness!

And silliness.  My little goofball.  

She's getting so big.  She's tying her own shoes now.  When did that happen?!

The cooler weather means more coffee...and it really doesn't matter what time of day. 

It also means an abundance of these little darlings when your home is surrounded by trees.  I feel lately, that they may be the death of me.  {I'm just kidding...I hope.}  They're like little minefields.  I am either slipping on them, rolling my ankle over on top of them, or sprinting to the house with my arms above my head shielding myself as they plummet from the tree tops. 

I'm usually out walking this little bear when I encounter them.  So, I typically have one hand on his leash and the other above my head for protection.  Seriously.  I have no doubt that it's all rather comical looking. 

Look at that nose.  Charlie Brown-Black is a cutie.  He's also a runner and a sniffer and a non-listener, so he is always on his leash.  Once, he got loose and chased our poor cat over the river and through the woods (and that's no exaggeration).  My awesome husband (this seems to be a theme) trekked across a farm to bring him back home.  I saw that man coming across the field carrying my little fuzzball, and I declare the only way he would've looked better is if he had been riding a shiny horse...{sigh}

The week was full of clouds and chaos, but there was no shortage of beauty and blessings.
I hope you had a great one!
Amanda :)

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  1. Pook, I so enjoy your stories and beautiful pics. Still looking for a horse huh love you Auntie Mel

    1. Ahahaha!!! :) That's so funny...I guess I am still looking for that horse ;) Thanks for reading!! We love you, too!!

  2. Awww .... I Love it! It was such a FUN DAy! Sometimes you just need a little break from the normal everyday stuff ... even Papaw! It was FUN to have him on our Girls DAy! :-)
    Love you!

  3. Love the tobacco basket and the story of your dog chasing the cat - I have a "runner and a sniffer and a non-listener" too. Can definitely be a handful but so worth keeping them around :-)!