Monday, August 20, 2012

My Two Great Novels and a New Chapter

"If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go 
where a prayer has not already been."  ~ Robert Brault

I recently told my husband that I thought I had a great novel buried somewhere deep within me.  He looked over at our girls and said, “You’ve carried two great novels within you.”  That is probably one of the greatest things I've ever heard.  I think about it every time I look at them now.

Our first baby girl started kindergarten today.  There was such a flood of emotions as we headed up the driveway.  I looked at our girls in the backseat and then at my husband.  I said to him, "We've come a long way mister."  It's such an emotional thing.  I felt like my life flashed before my eyes on the way to kindergarten.  She was so excited, and I think that helped me make it through the morning.

She was our first baby.  We brought her home from the hospital with no instruction manual and no idea what to do.  We walked the halls many a night to get her to sleep, and this morning she walked herself right up those school steps.  She was leaving me behind.

I was holding it together pretty well...and then her precious teacher gave me this...

And then the tears started!  But she was so happy and settled right in.

How could I be upset when she looked like this ;)  My heart just melted when I saw the little desks.  There are four kids in her class.  I love that.  Her teacher prayed for them, and the school's staff prayed over each classroom...I love that even more.  I am so thankful for these dear people who will be teaching and guiding my child each day.  We will be praying for them also.    

Here's to my big girl, my first baby, my kindergartner :)  I'm so proud of you!

And not to be overshadowed or outdone, my second great novel may have a new chapter in her life soon...perhaps potty training? Or the NFL...

{I just love that dirty little face.}

"Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them."
~Psalm 139:16

Thank you Lord for another beautiful day and these blessed moments!
Amanda :)

I wanted to share this post as a follow-up to my Letter to My Kindergartner
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  1. Awwww Sissy I loved it!!!! Like A LOT!!!! LOL I love you and miss you!!!!


    1. Awe!! :) Thank you so much!! Love and miss you, too!! Had so much fun with you this weekend!!

  2. Once again ... I LOVE it! I sure did miss my Baby-Girl "Big Girl" today but I'm so glad is is so excited over her new school and LOVED it so much!
    Love you!

    1. Thanks Bigs!! ;) I know she missed you, too!! I am so happy that she's so excited and having fun. I pray for a good year for her...and that I can get her up in the mornings ;)

  3. Oh girl I am so right there with you!!! I felt all sorts of emotions on my daughter's first day last week, & I've been feeling super reflective, as you say, like life just flashed before my eyes! glad to have "met" you and to be sharing this crazy/sad/happy/emotional moment with my new sweet bloggy friend ;)
    thanks so much for sharing again at - we love having you.

    1. Thanks so much Lauren!! :) I hope your daughter had a great first week and that you are doing well!! It's so crazy how fast they grow! I'm so glad to have met you, too, thanks for the opportunity to meet and share at mercyINK!! It's so fun and encouraging :) Hope you have a wonderful week!!