Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Sunshine Pallet Sign

I am a huge fan of pallet art (thank you Pinterest).  So, when my husband had a couple of extra pallets just begging for a makeover, I took it upon myself to kindly oblige.  

I knew I wanted to make some kind of sign, so I needed to trim down one of the pallets.  Being the good guy that he is, and so I wouldn’t cut off a finger...or my arm (he knows me that well), my husband cut the pallet in half and sanded it down for me.  I hope that’s not cheating.  I love it when he jumps right in with one of my projects...and secretly, I enjoy his company ;)

I stalked searched the internet for different ideas and came across this fun sign by Holly at Life as a Thrifter:

I loved everything about her sign...especially the colors!

I decided to give it a try.  An artist, I am not (shocking, I know).  My little sun didn’t come close to looking like hers, but I decided it was perfectly imperfect!  I used a mixture of acrylic paints I already had around the house.  

Sorry for no pictures of the actual painting process.  I was outside with two little girlies running around combined with my self-diagnosed ADD, so I kind of missed photographing that part.  

I chose the words I wanted to paint over the sunshine and printed them in two different fonts.  After the sun dried, I used another tip from Holly's post.  To get the letters onto the wood for painting, trace over them with a Sharpie.  The Sharpie bleeds through the paper and leaves the outline on the wood.  It was an awesome tip and one I will definitely use again!

I painted over the letters in this pretty blue...and I had some help.  Everyone needs an adorable assistant...or just cute company, right?  She was actually working on her own masterpiece.

I love it.  It’s bright and pretty and cheerful.  The sign’s not bad either ;)  

I think it’s pretty awesome that others share their work, so we can all be inspired to create our own little pieces of art.  

Have a beautiful day! 
Amanda :)

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  1. So cute! Love the sharpie tip! Thanks for sharing:)
    Heather @ourcultivatedlife

    1. Thanks so much Heather, and thanks for stopping by!! :)

  2. Hey ... I agree ... Thanks for the Sharpie idea! I would have never thought of that! I LOVE your sign! Bright and Beautiful just like you and my Baby-Girls! :-)
    Love you!

  3. I love the sharpie tip! And your finished pallet sign is so fun and cute!!!

  4. The sharpie tip is great but only second to your gorgeous and happy sign. I have a "naked" sign out on our deck waiting for me to get inspired. Think I'll save it tho and have hubs fix up a pallet for me. I'll have to do the sanding most likely but at least I'll have the pallet accessible. Love your blog.

    1. You should definitely save it!! Pallets are the best :) Thanks so much for the comment and for stopping by!!

  5. I loved the idea. I need to start doing some of these fun projects with my daughter too. Maybe when she is older and I am less lazy :)