Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Little Bit Random

On the eve of another Manic Monday, I thought it would be fun to reflect on the weekend (that passed by way too quickly), list a few random faves, and share over at lowercase letters.

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

1.  I am not a girl who likes shopping {gasp, I know}.  It makes me grumpy (just ask my mom).  Honestly, is one of my most favorite things.  When I'm running around Target grabbing stuff here and there and this little thing pops her head through the back of her stroller, it makes the trip a little more bearable ;)  Love. her.

2.  Sometimes she thinks she should drive home.

3.  At least Daddy she buckled her seat belt.  She's all like, "I got this!"  Never mind the fact that her feet can't reach the pedals.  Just a minor setback.  

4.  We survived our first week of kindergarten, Thank you Lord! :)  My big girl brought home a folder full of first week activities and this precious letter.  Melted my heart.

5.  We snuggled up for a family movie night.  That's my favorite.  I'm a stay at home in my pajamas on a Saturday night kind of girl.  The picture looks a little crazy...but we're a little crazy, so it works ;)  Love. this. crew.

6.  We had lunch at Papa's house after church (a BIG shout out and thank you to my Aunt Mel).  It was delish.  Seriously.  I ate too much.  You know that feeling when you know you need to stop eating...but it is just too good.  Yeah.  It was that kind of lunch.  So we had to go outside and exert some energy.  You blow some bubbles. 

7.  And ride around in tiny plastic cars.  Cause that's how we roll...literally.

8.  We managed to make room for dessert.  Can't you just hear her saying, "Oh, Mama! This is SO good!" Her cheeks and her hands and her legs and her dress thought it was good, too.

9.  And on a completely random note (cause that's the theme here), the cooler weather this weekend made me yearn for fall just a little bit more.  It's my favorite season.  Our little homemade fire pit is begging for cooler temps, a few flames, and some s'mores!  I'm right with ya my friend.

10.  We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the sunshine and some fresh air...before going in to prepare for another crazy lovely week.

Thankful for a pretty great weekend and random moments with my loves.

Hope you had a great weekend! 
Amanda :)


  1. :-) Love it!
    Love you! :-)

  2. I enjoyed you guyz visit soooooooo much. I love you all. Auntie Mel