Sunday, July 22, 2012

July Realizations & Ramblings

Sadly, I realized the other day that July is almost over and my lovely (exists only in my head because I never planted a thing) garden looks nothing like my beautiful Pinterest gardens...sigh...maybe next year...

BUT thankfully we have a Papa Buck who graciously shares his bountiful harvests.  I love that he plants such a large garden each year so he can share it with others! :)

I also realized that a painter, I am not!

I decided to paint our's kind of a disaster.  We have that old brown wood paneling, and I thought I would paint it during my summer vacation...that was my master plan great idea.  I apologize to anyone who comes to visit us in the next...oh...five years because that's how long it may take me to repaint it.  The hubby likes it...we shall see...maybe it will grow on me.

July has been hot and dry, but it has been raining the last few days, and we are so thankful!  When it rains, it seems to me that I see lots more of these little guys trying to get across the road.  I try to stop when I can to help one on his or her journey...

Even in the heat, we still enjoy our evening walks (I'm sure you can't tell by all the pictures).  The summer is passing by much too quickly, though.  I want to stretch out these last few days and weeks.  I cherish this time with my family...and this slow, peaceful pace...

Then we come in from outside, and I walk into the girls' bedroom...not so peaceful...not so calm.  We've had all summer to put away, give away, throw away, and I come to yet another realization-this is how their room stays.  For today, I officially give up and toss in my hat...but it will be a hat that I don't like because I will never find it in this mess...

So, for now, I will focus on our outdoor fun...and junior mints (because they're the best...and my big girl is adorable in this picture).

I hope you are enjoying your time!  Eat something sweet, go for a walk, and have a blessed day!


  1. I Love this how long have you had this up? This is sooooooooooooooo much better then FB. I love you keep on writing.
    Auntie Mel

    1. I started back in December! Thank you SO much :) It means a lot to have you read it, and I'm glad you like it!! Love you, too :)

  2. Great Job! I really enjoy reading your Blog! Love You!