Friday, July 27, 2012

Insta Friday: Our Week in Pictures

This is my first attempt to link up for Insta Fridays...we shall see how this goes ;)

life rearranged

We've had a pretty great week, and I thank the Lord for each and every moment.  Earlier in the week we took the girlies to the park.  I totally LOVE the fact that at this stage in their precious little lives, the best thing in the world is to to swing and slide!  And it makes me laugh and smile and feel like a kid myself.

We enjoyed time around the house to play, fight, know, whatever the day called for...

Sometimes it was just rolling around on the kitchen floor...

Now see, look how peaceful and loving they look! :)  I need to enjoy this for just a minute...Ok, moving on...

We played with a few dinosaurs (shocking, I know)!

This little lady thought I was going to steal her jewels or something ;)

We wore a few different hats this week...

This one was Daddy's...and I guess technically it's a helmet, but the best part was riding down the road as she added her own sound effects, "woo-ooo, woo-ooo."  Never mind the spelling, that's exactly how she sounded ;)

This one the big girl modeled in Lowe's.  It did not come home with us, but the adorable miss priss underneath did. 

Before heading to church for Bible school this week, we dropped by Biggi & Paw Paw's.  Sometimes we have to do a little off-roading and head off the beaten path to find Paw Paw in his fields or garden...but that makes it even more fun! :)

My mom (affectionately called Biggi by my munchkins) has her own gardens, and I enjoy her flowers so much...probably because mine are pretty nonexistent at this point in the summer. 

(I am really thankful that all of the bees that love her flowers as much as I do decided to stay put while I took a few pictures.) 

And the grand finale...the munchkin demonstrates her gum chewing skills:

This lucky little piece lasted much longer than any of its counterparts that she has gotten her hands on recently!  It's so nice to see her biting into something other than her big sissy's arm.  She was so proud...but the moment was fleeting...and so was the gum ;)

I hope you all have had a beautiful week!  Have a fun weekend :)


  1. I just love reading your post


  2. LOL ... LOVE it! Reading your post puts a SMILE on my face! Daddy came in at lunchtime and said he wanted to see your "BLOG" that everyone was talking about. I showed it to him and he was like PapaZ, ... he said you should be writing a column for the newspaper or a magazine ... because yours were so much better than anything they have! LOL
    What a compliment from your Daddy! :-)
    Love you!

    1. I'm so glad you like it!!! I want to make people smile :) I'm so excited that Daddy read it!!! Thanks for all of the sweet comments!! :)