Sunday, January 22, 2012


So, remember when I said I was a jill of all trades, master of none?  That includes keeping up with things. I found my way back to my little blog.  I think about it every day...but, you know, life happens.  Well, I feel that a few introductions are in order:
This is the big girl, our first baby and one of the loves of my life:
Adorable isn't she?!  The photo looks just like her!  Amazing what cameras can do these days...and this is our munchkin:
She doesn't hold that position for too long...she's usually a blur in our pictures.  Sitting still is not one of her many talents!  And this is probably one of my most favorite pictures of the hubby with the munchkin:
I just love this...sigh...but moving on, this is our newest addition, Charlie, or Charlie Brown, or Chuck B, or Charles in know, whatever we're feeling at the moment:
Isn't he a cutie!!  and he LOVED this rawhide Christmas card from his Auntie!
So, these are the precious lives that make our little house a home.  Have a great day!

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